Prediction sites: what they are and what information they offer

prediction websites they know how to be a very useful resource for those who bet, regardless of whether they are an expert or an “occasional” player, so let’s find out what distinguishes them and what information they provide. First of all, it must be said that when we talk about prediction sites we can refer to online resources that are very different from each other, although their goal is the same, i.e. to help the reader to guess the final results of matches relating to the most disparate competitions. Although each individual site has its own peculiarities, we can distinguish two major types of websites dedicated to predictions: sites with statistical content and editorial content.

Sites for predictions with statistical content

Sites with statistical content try to help the reader make winning predictions based on purely numerical analyses. On sites like these, you don’t limit yourself to checking the most basic information of the various teams, such as their position in the standings, the points won and the number of goals scored and conceded, but you can also consult more detailed statistics, also obtained through the crossing of more data. The examples there are many: on a prediction site of this type you can discover the statistics of all the previous matches that saw the two teams as protagonists, you can know the progress of a team exclusively for what concerns home or away games comparisons can be made with the same period of the previous season and so on. Due to their nature, therefore, sites like these mainly offer numbers and graphs and offer the reader remarkable navigation opportunities, allowing him to set all the appropriate options so that he can view the statistics that most concern him.

Sites for forecasts with editorial content

In predictions, statistics are certainly important, but they are not everything: it being understood that predictions can never be an “exact science”, if you want to predict what the result of a match will be, you must also consider aspects that they go beyond what is quantifiable. The examples there are many: a team could have just acquired important players, or on the contrary its most representative players could have been injured in the days before the match, making them unavailable. It could be that a team that boasts excellent performance is now demotivated, having already reached its seasonal goal, in the same way a less famous team could be experiencing a positive moment on a psychological and group cohesion level… the non-statistical aspects that can influence the progress of a game are therefore countless. Precisely on the basis of this consideration, many websites dedicated to predictions offer their readers content more qualitative than quantitative, offering insights on the form of the teams and their players, their motivations, the commitments they will have to face in the near future and anything else that may be relevant. For this reason, these sites dedicated to predictions are by nature purely editorial, therefore in the same you can find articles, technical insights, reflections, “last minute” news and other textual content.

The types of sites for predictions are actually endless

The distinction between the two types of sites that we have mentioned should not be understood in a rigid way, on the contrary it is very frequent that on the net there are sites for forecasts that offer both types of content. There are also portals such as Nostradamusbet, which are among the best prediction sites and who offer their predictions directly to the reader, which remain visible even after the event has ended so that we can have an objective idea of ​​how high the ability of the website experts is to guess the final results of the various matches.

Make predictions using online simulators

Regardless of which prediction sites you choose to consult, it is always very useful to use, perhaps even simultaneously, online simulators. As you can guess from the name, the betting simulators, also known as betting slip simulators by lovers of multiple bets, are tools that flawlessly reproduce the characteristics of a game, indicating odds, potential winnings, bonuses and anything else relevant. There are various tools on the net simulate playing card, but those are undoubtedly the most practical and precise ones made available by bookmakers on their official portals. Using them is very simple: it is sufficient to select the odds on which you want to bet as regards the events of interest and thus compose your play, regardless of whether it is a single, multiple or system bet. The user using these tools can choose to vary the virtual amount of the bet and in this way the relative information, therefore any winnings and bonus percentage, vary instantaneously with maximum precision. But to use the bookmakers’ betting simulators, it is then need to play? Must register on those sites before you can use them? None of this: the betting simulators of bookmakers that operate legally are freely and freely available, without having to register and without necessarily having to play, therefore they are also ideal tools for those who want to make predictions for simple fun, even if very often we can register to use some of the no deposit bonus which are made available.

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