The online games most requested by Italians

There is no doubt that with the outbreak of the pandemic, many Italians have found themselves having to spend much more at home than they would have ever budgeted for. For this reason, we have gone in search of systems and means to pass the time. In some cases, that search has resolved in identifying games and other types of entertainment that have turned into real hobbies.

And it should come as no surprise that, as a result, the number of people who subscribe to the various programs is constantly increasing paid streaming services, rather than registering on platforms dedicated to online gaming and offering a truly impressive and increasingly engaging digital and virtual gaming experience thanks also to technological evolution.

The passion for chess

Chess can be considered one of those games on which the passage of time seems to have no effect. A sort of immortal game, which remains fascinating as it has been for so many generations that have lived before the current one. It should also come as no surprise that a very successful TV series has also been created which refers precisely to the game of chess. There are numerous online portals that allow you not only to learn, but also to test yourself, facing opponents in the form of PCs or in the flesh from all over the world.

The great success of slot machines

Among the other great successes related to the world of online entertainment we certainly find slot machines. Play online slots for real money è a pastime shared by more and more Italians, but it must be said that it is always necessary to gain a lot of experience. And, in this sense, it must be said that there are numerous platforms that allow you to have fun and test your knowledge and skills thanks to special demos. The gaming experience that is guaranteed is increasingly evolved. Increasingly cutting-edge systems capable of guaranteeing emotions similar to those experienced in front of a physical slot machine.

Fortnite and FIFA

Video games represent one of the greatest passions of Italians, who often invest a lot of free time in playing a large number of video games. There are some, however, that offer the possibility to challenge friends and users who come from all over the world. Impossible not to think, for example a Fortnite. It is a shooter that is particularly appreciated by the younger ones, who have learned to love especially the battle royale mode. Not just kids, since many famous characters have never hidden their love for this game and for challenging online users in first person.

It is obvious that a video game dedicated to the world of football could not be missing. The passion of Italians for this sport is known and famous all over the world and it is obvious that this feeling then translates not only into following one’s favorite team on television or in the stadium, but also having fun with the soccer-related video games. In this sense, FIFA represents the most appreciated football simulation title in the world and also on the web the challenges with users of every nation multiply daily.

Impossible not to mention other games that are particularly popular online. One of the most loved ones is certainly represented by Bubble Witch 2 Saga. It is a title that was conceived by the development team that took care of the creation of Candy Crush Saga. It is interesting to note that it is a free to play app that is having incredible success, finding great appeal especially among the female audience.

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