Rome, CdS: “Dybala has taken the capital”

ROME, CDS – As reported by the CdS, Dybala has really taken Roma and can’t wait to let the pitch speak after months of so many words.

Rome, CdS: “Dybala has taken the capital”

Dybala immediately in the chair. The Argentine has completed the adaptation, since he joined his new teammates in Portugal just over three weeks have passed, he has grown from all points of view. He has improved his physical condition and against Salernitana he wants to show that he can make a difference immediately. He misses two goals to cross the hundredth goal in Serie A and he would like to cut it on Sunday evening, he has already scored two goals in two games for the Campania team. In just over twenty days he enthusiastically entered the Giallorossi world. His girlfriend Oriana Sabatini arrived yesterday, now they will look for a house. They have been together for three years and one day they will get married, but the wedding is not yet on the calendar. So far Paulo had settled in a hotel. First on the evocative ramps of the Janiculum, then near the Colosseum. With Oriana he will move to a hotel closer to the center and by the end of the month he will find the definitive accommodation. It will probably be in Casal Palocco, where many of his teammates live. The couple would like to live in the center, like in Turin, but they have two large dogs, it is not easy to find a large house with a garden in the historic districts “.


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