Milan, CdS: “Leao is excited, but he is also waiting for his renewal”

MILAN, CDS- As reported by the CdS to date, Leao is really ready for the new season, but is still waiting for the renewal of the AC Milan contract.

Milan, CdS: “Leao is excited, but he is also waiting for his renewal”

Leao is excited for the start of the season, the problem linked to the contract renewal still needs to be resolved. The deadline is set for June 30, 2024 and the dialogues between the parties continue without having found the right balance yet. Mendes, his agent, asked for an important amount to extend with the Rossoneri, around 6-7 million euros, a request also conditioned by the compensation that Leao owes to Sporting Lisbon after the last sentence of the Milan court. Yet in the headquarters in via Aldo Rossi they have not lost faith and hope that the epilogue will be different from what has occurred in the last two seasons with Donnarumma, Calhanoglu, Kessie and Romagnoli ”.

“We will try to tighten the time after the current summer transfer session, before the player leaves for the World Cup because it could be a further showcase in which to show off. In that case the player’s value would rise and at the same time also his possible engagement. AC Milan are currently not upset by the Portuguese’s contractual condition because they are protected by the release clause of 150 million euros included in the contract at the time of purchase at the time of Lille, moreover the player’s intention is to stay and grow together with his team. teammates and try to win in Italy and in Europe with the Milan shirt ”.

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