Rome, CdS: “Here is also Camara for Mou”

ROME, CDS – As reported by the CdS to date, Rome has scored a great blow for the post Gini, like Camara who can give so much to the team.

Rome, CdS: “Here is also Camara for Mou”

“Mgo out for Mourinho. On the day of Belotti’s announcement, Roma also closed for Mady Camara. With the weaving of the intermediary Busardò, the general manager Tiago Pinto convinced Olympiacos to accept a transfer on reasonable terms: a loan of 1,2 million with the right of redemption to 12 million without constraints. In the event of a purchase, the Greeks will remain a percentage of the future resale while the player will sign a five-year contract for 1,5 million net. But this will be discussed in due course. Camara will arrive in the next few hours for medical examinations and should be in the stands tomorrow night at the Olimpico to watch the match against Monza. On the value of him Mourinho received guarantees from the former Olympiacos coach, Pedro Martins, who left the bench at the beginning of August ”.

Rome, CdS: “Here is also Camara for Mou”

ALTERNATIVE. Guinean national, born in 97, is considered by analysts to be a dynamic and resistant midfielder, very predisposed to insertions and the sudden reversal of the action. He resembles the first Cristante, that of Atalanta, and partly to Veretout, with more strength and less technique. He is also very familiar with scoring. For what the last minute market offered, in the quality / price ratio it seems a satisfactory operation. And above all, it fills at least temporarily the void left by Gini Wijnaldum, who has chosen not to have surgery on the tibia and will return in 2023. The unknown is the level of adaptability to the Mou style: he has always played in uncompetitive leagues, from the French B to the first Greek division.


Rome, CdS: “Belotti is Giallorossi for the moment of redemption”

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