Rome, CdS: “Paulo respects the square and takes 21, but dreams of Totti’s 10”

ROME, CDS – As reported by the CdS, to date Dybala has wanted to take a step back on the great enthusiasm by refusing the 10.

Rome, CdS: “Paulo respects the square and takes 21, but dreams of Totti’s 10”

“Paulo Dybala’s melancholy unemployed status lasted only 18 days. The Argentine is a Roma player, with the blessing of Totti, with whom he spoke a few weeks ago. The Captain was one of his main sponsors, but he has nothing to do with the operation. A few hours were enough to clarify the yellow of the jersey number. Dybala will have the 21, as he asked just arrived yesterday in Portugal, the same as he had at Juventus. He has to thank Matic who gave it to him after taking it a few days ago, as soon as he arrived at Roma.


 Yesterday a work of internal diplomacy was done to please Dybala, with Mourinho who spoke with Matic to ask him for “the favor”. The midfielder who comes from Manchester did not pose any problems, he immediately changed to meet his new teammate and took the 8th. Totti would have been happy if Dybala had taken his shirt. But Paulo’s orientation was different. He decided not to take that heavy number that belonged to the Captain, but to opt once again for the 21. “I have to deserve Totti’s shirt,” he said upon arrival in Portugal. Maybe who knows, next season, if things go as the fans hope, the 10 could end up on his shoulders. For now he remains on the bulletin board. “


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