Rome, CdS: “The capital is crazy for Paulo Dybala”

ROME, CDS- As the newspaper CdS reports to date, Rome has really made the store coffers flourish with the purchase of Dybala, his shirt is not to be found.

Rome, CdS: “The capital is crazy for Paulo Dybala”

Clearly the record of shirts sold in the history of Rome will remain with Totti, the most requested for over twenty years, but with Dybala the record of shirts sold in a single day has been reached. “From this morning we have not stopped for a moment, we have done nothing but print Dybala shirts – tells us an order from a Roma Store.”

“We never moved from the press office, we took turns between us to speed up the work. And we were also forced to have other letters sent, we had finished the ypsilon ». And so it was for all the Roma Stores in the capital. The one in Via del Corso, between Romanists and tourists, was the first to declare the sold out, and there was not even need to put Dybala’s shirt in the window. The same then for Piazza Colonna, Ottaviano, and in the various shops of the shopping centers. All letters and numbers sold out before the end of the day. So much so that some have even devised a booking list for the day after. Others, on the other hand, sent the customer back to buy the shirt online, on the club’s website, a naturally more convenient solution for those who do not have a store near their home. “.

Christian Marangio


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