Rome, CdS: “The Dutch is coming to the capital, what a gift to Mou”

ROME, CDS- As reported by the CdS today, Rome is about to take a really great and very important midfielder.

Rome, CdS: “The Dutch is coming to the capital, what a gift to Mou”

Rome in the coming days, the negotiation with the PSG is in the final stages. Everyone in Trigoria knows it will come, from players to warehouse workers. There is the triple desire to close a deal that has become exhausting, with the player pawing to start working with new teammates. But the slowdowns so far relate to Paris Saint Germain’s strategy, which has changed the cards several times. Thus. To reach an agreement, the Dutchman was asked to make some sacrifices, Wijnaldum has renounced the bonuses he received in Paris and is also willing to retouch his salary, but for Roma there are two conditions on which he is not willing to negotiate. That the loan does not include the obligation and that just under half of the salary is covered by the PSG.

“But the negotiation has been underway for several weeks and will arrive in the pipeline within this week, Tiago Pinto is working all day on this operation, which will not be the last for the incoming market. He has been working on it for weeks, ever since the presidents of the two clubs formed a political alliance within UEFA and Friedkin was able to choose between the redundant PSG players. After talking to Mourinho he had no doubts. Wijnaldum has said yes to Roma for several weeks, it is his priority and this helps the Giallorossi club. In July he turned down offers in both France and England. It’s just a matter of hours ”.

Rome, CdS: “The Dutch is coming to the capital, what a gift to Mou”

ONLY ROME. “Wijnaldum at the moment does not yet have a flight booked for Fiumicino or Ciampino, although rumors circulated yesterday of his arrival in Rome today, but the landing in the capital is imminent. The Dutchman has a total agreement with the Giallorossi club and is waiting for the two companies to define the final details on the payment of salary. Paris Saint Germain had taken him for free from Liverpool. Last season, but to overcome the competition of Barcelona had offered him a very rich contract.

“Today is not part of the plans of the new coach Galtier and the club wants to get rid of him. The negotiation continues indefinitely and it is difficult to imagine that it can jump. For Roma it is now a declared goal. The deal has never been denied. The division of the salary between the two clubs is still a hot topic of discussion, to close the distances that still exist ”.


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