Rome, CdS: “The Giallorossi convince with their quality”

ROME, CDS – As the CdS writes, today it belongs to a Rome that is really ready to battle it out in a difficult championship, but which is really coveted by everyone.

Rome, CdS: “The Giallorossi convince with their quality”

Turn up the volume of dreams, because the first is already noisy reality: everything is possible in this Rome. Abraham, Dybala, Zaniolo and Pellegrini together is the truth written by the friendly against Tottenham, one of the best in the league of the best, and it is a tactical solution that José Mourinho is considering extending to matches that are worth points and qualifiers. But it is only one of the options imagined, because the imminent landing of Wijnaldum will enrich the staff and the potential of a team that is getting used to changing its skin in the race depending on the result and the goal.

Rome, CdS: “The Giallorossi convince with their quality”

  QUALITY’.It seemed like a gamble, a project feasible only against edible opponents and maybe only for a few minutes. Instead Mourinho was able to assemble all the talent he had available in the summer test he cared most about, against the club that had repudiated him. It worked. Not only and not so much in the offensive production, in an overall poor game of scoring opportunities. But also and above all in the attitude and courage of the team, which in the first half forced Tottenham to defend themselves by keeping the dangers at a distance from Rui Patricio’s goal ”.

“Dybala, who stayed on the pitch for an hour at the first performance as a Roma player, hinted at the flashes of genius that will become frequent over the course of the season, engaging in intense dialogue especially with Pellegrini and indicating trajectories and movements to his teammates. Zaniolo was exhausted in the defensive sacrifice, preventing the British central players from organizing a lucid maneuver. Abraham is still not the striker striker we met but with his generosity he helped to cloud the opponents’ attempts to climb. He is not a perfect Rome. But he has taken a precise direction that will entertain the fans, ready to welcome their heroes in Sunday’s presentation against Shakhtar Donetsk: 50.000 spectators are expected at the Olimpico, regardless of the sea and holidays. “


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