Rome, CdS: “Veretout at Marseille, but the fans contest”

ROME, CDS – As reported by the CdS, Rome really has to sell after the many purchases, now the time has come to give up, but there are hitches.

Rome, CdS: “Veretout at Marseille, but the fans contest”

without peace. Without entering the private sphere, and the player’s economic and family choices, the popular uprising joins a series of episodes that also undermined Veretout’s image last year. From the Covid-party organized by his wife Sabrina to the harsh contractual position that Jordan had taken on Roma, causing a break in the decisive moment of the renewal talks “.

(the current deadline is set at 2024): in November. Also changing agent, Veretout asked Tiago Pinto for a contract in line with the best teammates, Abraham and Pellegrini, and therefore for 6 million easy bonuses included. He also told Mourinho, in a moment of release, that he would not play again until the matter was resolved. Then the case was frozen. And indeed the coach. With the common sense that he owns, he was able to use Veretout as an alternative, when he considered it functional to the team. Asking the company not to sell it until the replacement has been purchased. Today, with Wijnaldum, the problem no longer arises and separation appears imminent. As long as Marseille decide to complete the operation in spite of the bad mood of the fans, which are notoriously very hot ”.

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