Rome, CdS: “Wijnaldum is coming, what a welcome for him”

ROME, CDS- As reported by the CdS, the Dutch midfielder from PSG arrived in Rome and in the capital, a great blow for Mou and the squad itself.

Rome, CdS: “Wijnaldum is coming, what a welcome for him”

Wijnaldum was the first to notice, and once he left the executive area of ​​the airport he found 500 fans, many of them very young, celebrating him despite the heat. They had warned him of what was going to happen. But when he observed the scene with his own eyes, and hundreds of strangers chanting the name through the chorus-catchphrase learned by the Liverpool “colleagues”, he was still excited “.

He widened his smile, raised his thumbs, returned the affection with a long applause and beat his heart with his hand, while his brother Willy took over the moment with his mobile phone. Accustomed to the Parisian haughtiness, in which he had become one of many if not a nuisance, he evidently needed to feel the honor of responsibility in order to recover his cheerfulness. Then off running with the van of the company, which took him to the hotel. His experience as a Roma player officially begins this morning, with medical visits in the Villa Stuart clinic, the signing of the contract and perhaps the first training session in Trigoria, where Mourinho awaits him with open arms “.

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