Rome, CdS: “Wijnaldum, what enthusiasm in the capital”

ROME, CDS- As reported by the CDS, today is the feast of Rome for the great arrival of the Dutch boy who has really surprised everyone.

Rome, CdS: “Wijnaldum, what enthusiasm in the capital”

Gini Wijnaldum at Roma weren’t exactly ordinary. First the landing in Ciampino, welcomed by 500 fans in love regardless, then a quick passage to the hotel which was followed by an integration dinner with many teammates in a club in the center, not far from the Colosseum. Yesterday morning Wijnaldum passed the medical checks and in the afternoon, finally, he entered Trigoria where he signed the contract and chose the number 25, the same one he wore for four years at the beginning of his career with Feyenoord. He visited the sports center and, in the area reserved for memorabilia, he wanted to pose with the shirt of his compatriot and friend Strootma n . For the first real training session he will have to wait today, because Mourinho and the team were at rest yesterday. But the excitement for the new entry is palpable, even within the club. Tiago Pinto, who has finished the negotiation with PSG on loan with the right of free redemption, explained “.


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