Rome, Gazzetta: “Paulo is there with Ascoli but for Mou he is KO”

ROME, GAZZETTA – As can be seen from the Gazzetta, the friendly match of Rome against Ascoli was not victorious, there is still something to smile about.

Rome, Gazzetta: “Paulo is there with Ascoli but for Mou he is KO”

“Destiny, at times, has a sense of humor. Therefore, that historically there is no good blood between Brazilians and Argentines is known, but no one could have imagined that a thirty-four-year-old defender born in Sao Paulo would one day go to the remnants of Romanist history for having “ruined” Paulo Dybala’s debut in jersey Giallorossi. Instead the feat (so to speak) was accomplished by Eric Botteghin, author of the match goal (from a free kick action) with which Ascoli beat Roma at home, in the strictest sense of the term, that is to Trigoria. Moral: 0-1 and everyone to pack their bags, given that today the Giallorossi will leave for Israel, where on Saturday they will play in Haifa against Conte’s Tottenham ”.

“And maybe there, given the little love that exists between the two coaches, we are sure that José Mourinho will not want to make a bad impression. No drama, but we imagine that Joya – hungry for victories as it appears – would have liked to link her “first time” to a success, but the hard work done by the team two days ago weighed down the legs of the Giallorossi, who suffered the good athletic condition of Bucchi’s team. At the end of the game, among other things, the Juventus coach revealed a little curiosity: “I was about to let Botteghin out, but he asked me to leave him on the pitch for another five minutes and in that meantime he scored a goal”. Exactly at 22 ‘of the second half. “

Christian Marangio


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