Rome, Mourinho: “It will be totally different than the first leg, many players are no longer in the squad”

ROME MOURINHO BODO / GLIMT – Jose Mourinho, Roma coach, made some statements on the eve of the Conference League match between Bodo / Glimt-Roma. Here is what was stated.

“Bodo is a beautiful place, there is a lot of passion for football. I am happy to be back but I hope it goes differently from the last time. Football is played on natural grass, I don’t like synthetic football, otherwise it becomes practically another sport. But there is no room for excuses, neither weather nor field. There are two games and our goal is to reach the semifinal. We have respect for them, they are a great team and they also showed it at the Olimpico. It will be a totally different match compared to October. Many players are no longer in the squad, we are a different team. That was a drama, losing 6-1 is too much. I’m sorry it’s just us and Atalanta left in Europe. I would have liked to have seen other Italian teams move forward in Europe as well. For example, Inter and Napoli, it would be convenient to face them with European commitments for them too. Now we are the only ones left, I think Atalanta have what it takes to do well in the Europa League “.

Bodo / Glimt-Rome

In this new European competition, Bodo Glimt and Roma also faced each other in the group. Bad memories for the Giallorossi team, which on Norwegian soil suffered a 6-1 loss while in Rome they failed to go beyond the draw. A possible redemption could be an important step forward towards one of the seasonal objectives still in progress.

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