Scudetto, Amantino Mancini: “Inter favorite, but immediately after there is Napoli. On Spalletti and Mourinho … “

SCUDETTO AMANTINO MANCINI – At “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio, Amantino Mancini, former footballer, among many others, from Rome and Inter intervened.

Scudetto, Amantino Mancini: “Inter favorite, but immediately after there is Napoli. On Spalletti and Mourinho … “

Is your career as a manager or as a player more difficult?

“Three years ago I decided to become a coach, I returned to Rome to take the course in Coverciano. For now, however, I am stopped. It was easier to be a footballer, being a coach is complex. You have to be busy with the team, the staff, etc. If I had less responsibility as a footballer? The footballer obviously has his responsibilities, but when I was playing I was less worried about many aspects “.

On Spalletti and Mourinho

“I was lucky to have had these coaches. At first I played with Mourinho, then he changed his way of playing in the second season and took me away without explanation. Things didn’t go the way I wanted in my passage from Roma to Inter, but in football it happens. I have exceptional relationships with him, he is great, he knows a lot about football and I admire him. I had more fun with Spalletti and he taught me a lot. Luciano has a particular character, but he is a good person. He teaches you football. In everyday life he makes you understand many things, I had a great time. They are two coaches that I will take with me in two different ways: Mourinho for the management, Spalletti for the preparation he gave you during the week. With Luciano you always knew what to do on the pitch, he prepared you perfectly ”.

What is Spalletti missing to win the Scudetto?

“Spalletti’s Roma, for two or three years, was the one that made the most fun, he played by heart. During Spalletti’s years at Roma he only had Totti as a champion. Perhaps he misses players of this level, the famous top players. Napoli lacks a bit of class, they lack the top players to win. But for how he plays and how he prepares the teams, he is having a wonderful season with Napoli and can win the Scudetto “.

What’s your favorite for the Scudetto?

“Well Napoli, but above all Inter. Inzaghi’s team is the one with the most technical quality and is a step above all, immediately after that I’ll put Napoli “

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