Salernitana, Mazzocchi: “A book should be written on our history. Sabatini decisive for my landing in grenade. Nicola has given us peace of mind “

SALERNITANA MAZZOCCHI – A 1 Football Club, radio program broadcast on 1 Station Radio, conducted by Luca Cerchione, with the participation of Pasquale Mazzocchi, a footballer from Salerno.

Salernitana, Mazzocchi: “A book should be written on our history. Sabatini decisive for my landing in grenade. Nicola has given us peace of mind “

Incredible ending with Salernitana. A historical salvation

“Still too little time has passed to realize what has happened. When you make certain choices you have to be determined, and that’s what I was when I came here to Salerno ”.

You are a man of great faith. How much did it help you?

“My faith has helped me a lot but, surely, it must always be accompanied by hard work and consistency in training. This too is faith ”.

How important was the coach Davide Nicola?

“I repeat when I said before: when you make certain choices, you have to be aware of what you want and you can give to the team. Nicola was extraordinary, he worked a lot on our heads. He made us work with serenity without narrow alleys and slowly we realized that we were about to make a dream come true ”.

What happened in the last match with Udinese?

“We really spent a lot mentally. We played 7 games in 21 days knowing we couldn’t spare ourselves. And when you find yourself playing these games and you score goals, then you take another one, it starts to get difficult. Free them mentally? Absolutely, when you play calmly you are totally another player ”.

You have always achieved your goals. We remember Rimini, Parma, Venice. What went wrong at Venezia? Especially considering their ending …

“I found myself very well in Venice. There I found a fantastic group, I still have an excellent relationship with the fans today. Probably, the company didn’t appreciate my performances and made some choices, then I made mine. I accepted this difficult challenge and I was not afraid to do so ”.

Was there anything decisive for the choice of Salerno?

“Definitely the manager Sabatini. Inside him he felt something positive and he said to me: ‘To come and perform this miracle in Salerno I need people like you’. When you hear such a phrase from such an important manager, you don’t think twice “.

A listener, a Paralympic athlete who knows you, writes to us and compliments you, also remembering where you started from, from difficult neighborhoods.

“In the meantime, I greet him, dear friend. We know it: these neighborhoods, especially when you are younger, can take you away. In fact, I want to tell all the kids in those neighborhoods to keep dreaming, not to be stopped by problems and keep working for what you want to achieve “.

Your group can inspire many players

“I also told my agent that, for this Salernitana story, a book should be written. But not so much for Salernitana itself, but to help all those kids who found themselves in this situation. I myself experienced a similar situation in Perugia but it didn’t go well. It may be that those who read this book find inspiration and believe in it even when the situation seems desperate ”.

Do you already know your future?

“Right now it doesn’t seem respectful to me to talk about it. Today I am a player from Salernitana, then we’ll see. If I want to stay? Sure, I’m fine here but more on that later. I have no crickets in my head ”.

Is there anyone you are inspired by?

“I took a lot of example from Di Lorenzo, more for the journey because we are technically different. Then, honestly, I have no particular players to inspire me. I try to improve myself continuously ”.

On Mancini’s first call

“Is a dream. A dream that I am trying to turn into a goal because I will continue to work hard to improve myself ”.

Marco Chiavazzo

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