Schwoch on Napoli: “The Champions League is always an important goal. On Spalletti and Mertens … “

Stefan Schwoch, former Azzurri player, spoke about Naples and much more to the microphones of Radio Sporto Live, broadcast on Radio Marte. Stefan Schwoch spoke of Mertens, considering him a very important player for this Napoli. He commented on what it is like to live in a square like that of Naples and the pressures they face. Here is what was declared.

Schwoch on Napoli: “The Champions League is always an important goal. On Spalletti and Mertens … “

“The Champions League is always an important sporting and economic goal, but this year Napoli had what it takes to win the Scudetto and not to try. The disappointment of not having played at least until the last day is evident and cannot be hidden also because no team on paper was superior to Napoli, perhaps only Inter for the size of the squad, but they had a period of decline and Napoli could and should take advantage of it. 

The misfortune of a coach who knocks out Mertens is that he knocks out Mertens, Napoli’s top scorer. Then it is clear that Spalletti has the squad under hand and knows perfectly the state of form of his players and if he does not play at all he will have had his reasons for him. Playing in Naples is not like playing in any other square, it is like playing in the top of the world and even when you are third or fourth you have important pressures, it is not for everyone “. 

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