Villareal-Liverpool, the words of the protagonists

VILLAREAL LIVERPOOL – Alexander Arnold and Raul Albiol made some statements, to the microphones of Sky Sport, at the end of Villareal-Liverpool. Here is what was stated.

Villareal, Albiol: “Fabinho’s goal cut our legs”

 “Fabinho’s goal hurt us, and all the effort made in the first half penalized us. We have to thank our fans for their contribution, it’s a shame for us not to make it to the final. After the break we wanted to continue even though we struggled, but after the first goal it was tough. Absences? These are the seasons. There are times when some are fine and others are injured, but you have to accept it ”.

Liverpool, Alexander-Arnold: “Let’s make the semi-finals complex”

 “We never make the Champions League semi-finals easy for ourselves, like with Roma and Barcelona. They played well, at half-time we rearranged our ideas and then we scored. From there we played our game. Sometimes you can’t control the game how you want them to score early and that’s what we wanted. We then got into the game and tore the ticket to Paris. In the second half we did much better and clearly making a mistake once is not ideal but it can happen ”.

The art of complicating the semifinals, is how Alxander-Arnold defines it. As on other occasions, against Barcelona and Roma, Liverpool managed to come out the winner by hitting the third final in five years. In the first half Villareal put the ‘Reds’ in serious difficulty, then in the second half Klopp’s team completely changed gear. However, a great path remains, the one made by Emery: from the victory of the Europa League to the Champions League semi-final.

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