Sconcerts- Pogba, Dybala: “The Argentine and the French who bet”

SCONCERTI- POGBA, DYBALA- Sconcerti spoke in a very important way to TmW about Dybala and Pogba to date.

Sconcerts- Pogba, Dybala: “The Argentine and the French who bet”


What do you think of the Dybala affair at Roma?
“It’s a big hit and moderately priced. It arrives at no cost with a good but not stratospheric engagement. It has been coming for two bad years but I think it’s a guarantee. When someone of this level has to raise, this is the best time to catch him. In this moment of the transfer market, Roma have made some very important steps forward. Napoli are paying now, we will see how Juventus will end but they will make an excellent team. For me it wasn’t true that Inter didn’t need Dybala. It was the only moment to take him and the problem was never technical but Inter couldn’t afford it. “

Doesn’t Dybala rule out Zaniolo?
“Roma played with him and the Armenian last year. And Dybala takes the place of the latter. There is space to play together ”.

What effect will the Roman environment have?
“It will depend on the results and how he manages to play. Rome has never been an obstacle for anyone. The Roma fan in recent years has learned not to argue, he trusts the club and there has been no more controversy ”.

Could Totti also join the company?
“It seems to me that it has little to do with the Dybala affair. It’s a separate story, Dybala goes to 10 because it’s his number and it’s important. Should Totti return, it would be a long-awaited thing but they are two separate things ”.

Juve, De Ligt at Bayern. How to predict a stronger defense after these goodbyes?
“Juve did not have Chiellini last year, making a better defense than last year is not impossible if you take quality players. At the moment, taking 85 million in Italy means becoming masters of the market. We will now see how Juve will move, which I think they know very well how to do “.

More Dybala or Pogba bet?
“They are two good bets that can both be won. The quality is there, they have had problems in recent times but when there are the means I believe that everything can be overcome ”.

De Ketelaere closer to Milan now:
“The price has always gone up and the valuation is now what Bruges wanted. In the meantime, they lost Sanches, Milan seems to me that they are having difficulties anyway. I think the attacker will arrive but maybe we need to be patient ”.

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