Juve-Inter, Bargiggia: “After yesterday, the three-man championship race. Allegri has lost face again “

JUVE INTER, BARGIGGIA – At “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio, the historic Mediaset journalist and football commentator Paolo Bargiggia spoke.

Juve-Inter, Bargiggia: “After yesterday, the three-man championship race. Allegri has lost face again “

On the Italian derby, Juventus-Inter: “After yesterday’s match, the championship race is three, not four. Juventus said no but there was a remote hope of returning to the race. They randomly lost in the match set in the best way, playing offense. We are waiting for Milan, who will have pressure, but Bologna are a comfortable opponent.

From the journalistic point of view, Allegri has called himself out of the Scudetto race, but it must also be said that Allegri has reappointed himself on the bench regardless of the contract, given that he spoke of reconstruction. He was not taken for granted. I was surprised by his statements, because there was talk of management dissatisfaction. There was talk of PSG, for which he could replace Pochettino, where there is also Conte in the running.

On Juve, Allegri tried to take revenge, but it was pathetic and ridiculous when he said he saw Juve-Villarreal the day before and said that journalists and commentators do not understand anything about football. After a 0-3 the chatter is zero. Inter have a softer calendar, but of the three they are the one that has the least chance of winning the Scudetto if they continue to play like this. He didn’t convince me ”.

Why this decision? Can we say that Italian football is in a severe crisis and also in decline due to refereeing?
“This is fairly well established. But in my opinion the criticism is upstream, from UEFA, which has categorized these ‘step on foot’ as penalties. This thing is there, but it also goes to the sensitivity and logic of the referee and Var to give it a key to reading. This is a rather ‘stupid thing about UEFA’.

On the simulation of de Ligt
“Boniek is right, as well as Bergonzi is right. It is clear that someone takes advantage of it in these situations “.

Do you agree with those who said that Irrati was not up to the pressure?
“He is not comparable to Collina, who has no longer refereed Juve though. It will be an excess of prudence. In the end, the arbitration question is ending very badly ”.

On Allegri’s outburst to the fourth official
“Inzaghi has already pointed out when he said he had been expelled. By arbitrating with a practical sense, emotion can lead you to make such a gesture. The expulsion would have been excessive “.

Marco Chiavazzo


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