Serie A Goal Scorers: duel between Immobile and Vlahovic, but watch out for Simeone and Abraham

There are only 8 days to go until the end of the championship and the Serie A this year is giving us a great balance as far as the race is concerned Scudetto. Another thrilling sprint is undoubtedly the one for the title of top scorer. Here the fight is mainly between two great bombers: Ciro Immobile e Dusan Vlahovic. The Lazio and the Bianconero are both at odds 21 goals in this championship: the first made them in 25 appearances, while the second in 28. The Azzurri international scored 5 penalties, the Serbian 5. Great balance then, and surely you can bet that they will continue from here to the end to proceed arm in arm.

The clear difference between the two is that Immobile has scored all of his 21 goals with the shirt of Lazio, Vlahovic instead made 17 with the Fiorentina and 4 with the Juventus.

Ciro has already won the Serie A top scorer title three times: in 2013/14 with Turin (22 goals), in 2017/18 (29 goals) and in 2019/20 (36 goals), when he also won the Golden Shoe, with Lazio. Dusan, also thanks to his young age, has never yet obtained this type of recognition.

If the Biancoceleste striker were to win the title again this year, he would become the first Italian Serie A player to win it four times. But the Juventus striker is not an easy competitor to face. In fact, Vlahovic has already scored the same goals as last season and with 4 goals in his first 6 official appearances, he has already done better than Christian Ronaldo (who had scored 3).

The calendar from here to the end does not benefit one over the other. In addition to the direct match (Juve-Lazio of the 37th day), both will have to face a big one: Vlahovic will challenge theInter in Turin at 31st, Immobile will play against Milan at the Olimpico at the 34th.

Behind these two great forwards there are Simeon e Abraham, both at altitude 15, who will try to tell them. The center forward ofGreece Verona has made these goals in 28 appearances (without penalties), while the bomber of the Rome he scored them in 29 appearances (with 2 penalties). If Simeone is experiencing a period of ups and downs, Abraham is in a great state of form: the Englishman is the player who has scored more in 2022 after Robert Lewandowski. Immobile and Vlahovic are warned.

By Federico Poet

Written by News Releases

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