Serie A, Viviano: “He lost a lot compared to the Premier League, but I say …”

SERIE A VIVIANO – Emiliano Viviano, goalkeeper of Fatih Karagümrük, spoke about Serie A exclusively to the microphones of 1 Football Club, a radio broadcast conducted by Luca Cerchione on the frequencies of 1 Station Radio.

Serie A, Viviano: “He lost a lot compared to the Premier League, but I say …”

“Why has Italian football fallen low in recent years? More than anything else, it has lost the comparison with the Premier League for a billion reasons: there are big investors and an economic superpower there. It is not so much the championship that has lost but because of all the problems, which we hide behind a finger. The European hid it. Something more needs to be built. I agree with Sarri. He talks about the structures, not the game. I assure you that Italian football is difficult, perhaps the most difficult. If you watch a match at the Bentegodi, at the Empoli or La Spezia stadiums, as well as at the San Paolo, then you compare them with the structures of the Bundesliga… there is a difference. This is not talked about, but this is what England and Germany have been working on for years. The results hide the dust under the carpet. We have a way of playing, a tenacity, which bring results. Spain is restarted by young people, who come out of the youth sectors who are prepared. We will have to have the courage to do it in Italy ”.

Luca Cerchione

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