Spalletti at the conference: “Our banner is having reached the Champions League”

Spalletti spoke at a press conference two days before the match between Naples and Genoa. Below is an excerpt from the words of the technician.

Spalletti at the conference: “Our banner is having reached the Champions League”

If they bring her back the Panda, she would have two. Does he leave you here to tour Naples?
“If it starts like this… (laughs, ed.). First of all, you have to see in what state they will give it back, how many km they have covered, if there are Pino Daniele’s CDs inside it. We will evaluate when it will happen “.

Does its confirmation depend on the setting?
“Living in a hotel means dedicating oneself fully to work, there is more opportunity to socialize in a hotel than at home. I found the solution: I received the quote for a camper and next year I will tour the neighborhood every month so I participate in all the local festivals. I will make a stop in Piazza Dante in front of the historic Pironti bookshop, which I didn’t have time to get to know, with which I would have gladly played a game of chess with him. I started reading a bit of his book, my son who has a passion for boxing showed it to me ”.

The banner on the Panda is unspeakable. There have been many, but so… how did you really stay reading it? 
“The fans say we are not the ones there, then I found a benevolent piece of paper towards me. If I show it to you and read it, you can make him the articles, they have the same value because even two can put a banner. The important thing is that we made our banner all over Napoli by signing an intense and difficult championship, reaching an important milestone, the most important after the title. There is also an understandable regret for that period, we are the first to be sorry, but we have come a long way and the players have overcome important adversities. We went to play in Turin in 12, those results are important there, we have made important away victories, but we only remember the wrong ones at home. We must be proud of this team ”.

Would she have already signed the renewal for the third year?
“I am the Napoli coach for the second year, if you have any doubts say it, I don’t have any. The third is too far, here there is news every morning when we get up and there is something new. Beyond the match, we also think to create an ever stronger Napoli “.

Banners also against society? Why is there this atmosphere?
“We have already talked about it, our banner is having reached the Champions League. As to why you tell me, you know who goes around, you hang out here, you feed doubts about the work done. Why did we lay down our arms before Turin? Do I ask her? Why did we go to Turin for a walk? If you want I can show you when you had doubts about the Champions League, we can see many. Where did she put us in the grids? A banner that may have attached one or two people is put on the front page. I arrive here at 8, after Empoli at 7.30, two people attach a banner, I gave them a hand as well. Why did ADL say that I was the best coach, a great person and coach and then that I was not a Neapolitan? You have only taken that I am not a Neapolitan, not that I am a great coach. You raise dust.

How would you define Insigne with an adjective?
“Only one is little. Professional, I found him very professional in everything, as I said before, available with his characteristics to help everyone, to chase the full backs even lowering himself in defense, he is someone who does many km, with his behavior he teaches all his teammates.

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