Tips For The Away-From-Home Fan: Find Your Team’s Games And Feel Connected

Rooting for a sports team that plays far away from where you live can be a major challenge. “Away from home” sports fans may be just as dedicated to their favourite teams as those supporters who live locally, but it can be a bit more difficult to stay connected to the team, watch the games, and find fellow fans. Luckily, these days, there are some ways to stay connected a bit more easily. Today, Serie A Community shares some of the best strategies.

Technology Makes Finding Games Easier

As PC Magazine details, some leagues like the National Football League are making it easier to access games regardless of where you live even without cable. Some options, like Hulu, allow you to watch games live at no extra cost. Others, like YouTube TV and ESPN, require additional fees. A cable subscription can get you access to some streaming services like those from ESPN, Fox and NBC, and both Verizon and Sling TV provide some opportunities as well.

Oftentimes sports fans can find a local pub, bar, or restaurant that will carry the games of their favourite teams, and it is worth it to call around a bit. Some “away from home” sports fans turn to social media to connect with other fans and find out how to track down their game, and there have been some attempts by application developers to create smartphone apps to help facilitate this.

For example, FanWide is currently available via the iTunes store and it helps people find locations that will be airing the game and other fans to connect with. It currently covers professional games for hockey and baseball, college and pro basketball, and college and pro football, with soccer information on the way. Those on Android devices may want to look into Rooter, a social sports networking app that helps fans connect with others when they’re rooting for a team away from home.

Enjoy Team- and Regionally-Specific Food and Drinks on Game Day

What about all of the food and drink options that help you feel as if you’re at home rooting for your favourite team? Different locales certainly have different specialties and nothing will make a sports fan feel connected like having some of the treats that remind them of their team. Whether you are making items at home for a viewing party of your own or looking to head out to enjoy something reminiscent of your team’s locale, there are some signature items that are worth finding.

Delish details some ideas of eats that are inspired by all of the American NFL teams, like sweet peach cobbler for Atlanta Falcons fans and deep-dish pizza for those rooting for the Chicago Bears. Sports fans will not want to leave out the cocktails, and there are sites like Buzzfeed that have compiled cocktail ideas inspired by various NFL teams as well. Using team colours in your game day food is a fun way to cheer on your favourite team, too.

Finding Your People

It isn’t always easy being a sports fan for a team that isn’t local to you, and it can take a bit of work to feel connected. Various media packages may be available that can provide the opportunity to watch your team’s games from home, and there are often local restaurants or bars that provide game coverage as well. Once you find a spot that regularly shows your favourite team, chances are that you’ll start meeting other fans of your team and build a coalition of supporters that way. Some apps are becoming available to help move this process along.

Do What You Love

If you’ve ever thought about getting a job in the sports field, maybe now is the time! There are plenty of options out there. For instance, you might want to figure out what it takes to become a freelance sports journalist, which often requires a degree and/or some journalism experience. With a little effort, you can map out your next exciting career path and make money doing what you love!

Party With Your New Peeps

If you have a good sports-loving community where you live now, invite them over! Even though you’re far from your team, you can still host a killer party on game day. If you’re looking to host on a budget, cater it yourself or ask your friends to bring their favourite team-inspired food. You can even go non-alcoholic for additional cost savings.

Don’t Let Negative Vibes Set In

A good party requires cleaning your home, before and after. Clean thoroughly before company, not only to make a great impression, but also to set up a space that will be conducive to positivity. Then, whether your team wins or loses, make sure you clear up the bad energy from the competition on game day. Cleaning up the mess and decluttering will start the process. Then, use naturopathic remedies to clean. You’ll be feeling the calmness in your living space again in no time.

When it comes to food and drink for the big game, incorporating items that are reminiscent of the team’s locale can help one feel connected and there are plenty of ideas floating around that can make it easy to put together a game-day menu. It might take some effort to prepare to root on your team when you’re away from the action, but there are plenty of tools available to make things come together easily so you can enjoy the game and feel connected to others aiming to do the same thing.

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