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If the last 3 seasons have been chaotic, with the Covid crisis and the World Cup in the middle of winter, 2023/2024 should see a return to a certain normality. Most European football leagues will offer a genuine winter break, with the end of the season coming less late than in previous seasons.

Besides, we will tell you about CBD in sports and football as CBD hash is now easy to find and legal, and many football players use CBD and its many benefits. 

Premier League: resumption on 12 August

On 15 June, the Premier League will announce the new fixture list for the 2023/2024 season. One thing is already known: the league will resume on 12 August, a usual date. The last match will be played on 19 May 2024, a week earlier than the previous season. With no World Cup in between, the players will have a real break during the winter. Finally, it’s a relative break in England, as the holy Boxing Day(s) will be held between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The break will take place in the first half of January.

German Bundesliga: start of the 2023/2024 season on 18 August

The German Football Association announced as long ago as last December that the Bundesliga would resume on 18 August 2023. In Germany, the winter break has historically been relatively long for weather reasons. This season will begin on 20 December, and the competition will resume on 12 January 2024, giving the players plenty of time to rest. The final matchday will be played the same weekend as the last Premier League matchday, 18 May 2024.

Spanish Liga: kick-off on 12 August

The Spanish football championship will kick off on 12 August 2023. La Liga will end on 26 May 2024, a week later than the other leagues. Is this a handicap for the Champions League final, played on 1 June, as Real are regulars in this fixture? Little has been said about the winter break. Will there be a boxing day like in 2022/2023?

Serie A: an Italian-style boxing day?

The Italian Serie A season opens on 20 August 2023 and closes on 26 May 2024, just 19 days before the Euro in Germany, which kicks off on 14 June. What’s new this season is the 2 fixtures scheduled during the Christmas holidays. We’ll be playing on 23 and 30 December in Italy, Mamma Mia… Some teams will even follow this up at the beginning of January with the Italian SuperCup in Final 4 mode in Saudi Arabia. And yes, the Italian league has also succumbed to the footballing charms of Riyadh…

And as the 2022-2023 is done, we can look at who may win the Ballon d” Or 2023 from the FIFA …

Lionel Messi: Number 1 favourite for the Ballon d’Or

According to the latest odds from bookmakers, including specialist sites Unibet, Smarkets and Betsson, Lionel Messi is the clear favourite to win the 2023 Ballon d’Or. Indeed, with the first half of the season at a high level and a World Cup won. This World Cup victory sounds like the consecration of his career and will not leave the voters indifferent. It’s worth noting that this is the queen of football competitions. His impact on the Ballon D’Or is always significant. Messi didn’t just win the World Cup. He was voted best player, best passer, second top scorer, great leader and was there when his team needed him. As things stand, he is the logical favourite to win the trophy for the 8th time.

Erling Haaland: the main outsider

While Lionel Messi was widely tipped to win the trophy after the World Cup, the noose has tightened. Erling Haaland now looks set to claim the Ballon d’Or. The Norwegian striker has racked up a number of records this season, including being the Premier League’s all-time top scorer for a single season, and his season at the club level is almost perfect.

Even so, Haaland has some serious black marks on his CV. For one thing, Messi enjoys far greater popularity in football, particularly in South America. With his recent success in the CDM, which crowned his career, he will be a hit with the American vote. Indeed, he is now a veritable legend across the continent. Finally, he sometimes suffers from criticism specific to his game. His contribution is considered lesser in the biggest matches (0 goals in the FA Cup and Champions League semi-finals and finals). Haaland is also described as a great striker who scores goals but has less influence on the build-up aspects of the game. Finally, Haaland has yet to win the Champions League. Given the odds the bookmakers offer, Haaland is heading for 2nd place in the standings.

What Are the Legal and FIFA Regulations Regarding CBD?

As of 31 December 2021, a decree published in the Journal Officiel has granted authorisation for CBD, explicitly permitting the use of hemp varieties containing a maximum THC content of 0.3%. However, there are restrictions on the manner of consumption due to public health concerns. The sale of leaves and flowers was initially prohibited. Nevertheless, following a Question Prioritaire de Constitutionnalité (QPC), the Conseil d’Etat challenged the French government’s stance and approved the sale of leaves and flowers.

On the other hand, FIFA authorised the use of CBD in 2018, such as CBD oils from, and CBD is now legal in the UK and most of Europe.

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