Tonali and Milan promise each other love: there is a yes until 2026

A discontinuous beginning

His arrival, last August, was the realization of a dream, for him but also for the Rossoneri fans. The arrival of a very pure talent, already tested in football for the greats, and with still a lot of room for improvement. The fact of having it “Blown” to the cousins, initially in the lead in the negotiation with Brescia, it was one more reason to be proud. Sandro Tonali is for the Milan fans guarantee that finally, after so many years, the club is competitive again, even on the market.

The arrival of Tonali a Milanello is not the simplest, the environment already loves it, but his physical condition does not allow him to start strong right away, especially after the positivity to Covid-19. AC Milan’s season starts very early, on 17 September a Dublin, in the first of the three matches scheduled for qualifying for the next Europa League. Shamrock Rovers-Milan marks its debut with “Diavolo”, Even if he plays less than 10 ‘, taking the place of Bennacer, once the match has already been decided. The debut, a San Siro and in the league, he arrives four days later, on the first matchday of Serie A against Bologna. Milan wins 2-0 and he plays for twenty minutes.

At the end of the season his personal score will recite 39 games totals in all competitions, of which 23 as owner. A few injuries during the season and that continuity, which, as he himself admitted, was missing in the moment of greatest need. From April onwards he no longer plays a game as a starter, the last is on March 21 in the victory of Firenze, where it does not shine and is replaced after an hour. In the last three games, the decisive ones, he does not set foot on the pitch. Stephen Pioli he prefers the physicality of Meite, and he also loses his place in the Under 21 European Championship with the national team of Nicolato.    

Sandro 2.0

Sandro Tonali

Sandro Tonali’s new season at Milan begins with an endless negotiation, which has probably never been at risk. Milan tries to get a discount, times are getting longer and market rumors begin to circulate but, in the end, neither wants to go on without the other. That number 8 shirt, worn with so much pride last season, will still be on his shoulders. “Without everyone’s will, this transfer would not have been possible” declared on the day of signing, the one that will tie him to the Rossoneri club until 2026.

Now we need that much-needed continuity, the one that both he and Milan must find together, even in decisive moments. Stefano Pioli’s obligation is to give him more space than last season, perhaps taking advantage of the turnover imposed by the Champions League, even if with two like Kessie and Bennacer up front it won’t be easy. Sandro’s duty, on the other hand, is to continue giving his best, di to immerse oneself in a system in which too many times he has out of tune. The time of acclimatization is now over, now we need the answers, hoping to have left behind some injuries too many. But Tonali can always count on one thing, the affection and support of the Milan fans, because after all he is one of them.  

A dutiful deal

A deal that at Casa Milan they could not afford to blow up, especially after the 10 million of euro of loan invested last season. After a series of negotiations, Milan goes from the 35 million euros agreed last summer, to the potential 20 this year, which includes the 10 million loan from last summer plus Giacomo’s card Olzer (valued at 3 million euros and with the right to repurchase). The figures of the negotiation foresee 6,9 million fixed part plus 3 million bonuses. Within the negotiation, a further discount made by the president Massimo must be recorded Cellino to ensure that, should Tonali not reach those 3 million bonuses, the total cost of the negotiation would amount to 16,9 million and not 17 (a number never appreciated by the president of the Swallows).

But that’s not all, if Sandro Tonali’s desire for Milan was not clear to everyone, the Italian midfielder accepted the reduction of the engagement (about half a million) proposed by the club. A gesture that the parts of Casa Milan have rarely seen, especially in this period, but which allows us to fully understand the moral fiber of this boy. Upon his arrival at Milan Gennaro Gattuso, his idol, had told him to stay “ancient” and he did it. Sandro proved to be ancient in style, values ​​and attachment to the shirt, the one he dreamed of as a child and for which he did everything, but never in his style of play. That must always be updated, constantly evolving, because the means at its disposal are all there. Now it’s up to both, him and Milan, to make that young Italian talent explode for good.

Di Nicolò Serrenti

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