Turin, Gazzetta: “The grenades win, but they like Monza”

TORINO, GAZZETTA – As reported by the Gazzetta, the Torino team made a good performance in Monza in the first.

Turin, Gazzetta: “The grenades win, but they like Monza”

“Like a student at the debutante ball, Monza took its first steps in Serie A with timidity. And he risked immediately, saved by an excellent exit on Di Gregorio’s feet, chosen in place of Cragno, on Sanabria. The Bull who understood the hint immediately pushed, Radonjic and Miranchuk showed what they can do together. When the Russian caught the Serbian in the area who threw a large diagonal, Di Gregorio dressed as a spiderman for the rejected. Then the Brianza, with “dad” Berlusconi in the stands cheering with Galliani, began to come out of their shells and were appreciated for some play. A solid 3-5-2, with the experts Marlon, Marì and Carlos Augusto adapted to third defense, to set. The pressing of Toro, however, did not facilitate the exit and Petagna, as usual, came back to try to start again, with Caprari looking for some potholes that he could not. So the opportunities, if we want to call them that, came only from two stones by the interesting Filippo Ranocchia. He made it the quality and the best game organization of the Bull ”.

Christian Marangio


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