Turin, Juric: “The goalkeeper has been chosen, on the dispute ..”

TORINO JURIC- Torino continues their work, after the 3-0 victory last week against Palermo, now they are serious: there is Serie A. Tomorrow the Granata will take the field at 18:30 against the neo -promoted, Monza.

Turin, Juric: “The goalkeeper has been chosen, on the dispute ..”

Torino’s coach, Ivan Juric, held the first conference on the eve, in view of the first match in Serie A, against Monza. He talked about various topics and, above all, broke the silence after the various summer discontent with Vagnati. Here are the words of the former Verona:

On summer Grenade:

We had a really bad retreat, with few players. It wasn’t easy to work. We were focused on that, on working with the players who were there, hoping that the team would complete itself ”.

On the team:

The team is incomplete, precisely in terms of numbers. I’m happy with the new arrivals, the trend is similar to last year. Let’s take players who are excellent on paper but who have struggled in recent years. It’s last year’s script. They are players who have to raise, on loan. We hope that Vlasic, Radonjic and Miranchuk can do better, Lazaro the same. Let’s go down this road. Then the market is long, there is still time. Players are not stickers, it takes work. It’s not like Vlasic comes and plays. We threw 40 days to the wind to work better ”.

On the first opponent, Monza:

They brought in important players on paper, it has remained a good base from last year. A very difficult game awaits us, they dribble well and have their game. I am not yet how we manage to respond to this type of match ”.

On the Goalkeeper:

In this period we have evaluated both Vanja Milinkovic-Savic and Berisha as equals. In this moment we go to Vanya, who did very well in the friendlies and in the retreat. He will therefore be the owner ”.


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