Turin, Singo: “Juric wants me to score 7 goals”

TORINO SINGO – Torino continues its athletic training in retreat, in the meantime DS Vagnati tries to close several shots in midfield, to pass Juric’s discontent.

Turin, Singo: “Juric wants me to score 7 goals”

Wilfried Singo, the Ivorian winger of Torino, spoke to the microphones of the official Granata channel. He talked about various topics including, the special relationship with Juric, and the personal seasonal goal as far as goals are concerned. Here are the words of the Ivorian:

On the physical form:

Physically I feel good, I am happy to be here. I prefer to be here than in Turin because in Turin it is hot here it is beautiful. Bayeye also speaks French so we speak with Adopo, Seck and Djidji. Bayeye is very serious and likeable. After the operation I went to the Ivory Coast, I saw my family who gave me incredible strength, then I returned to Turin with strength and determination. Here in the retreat I eat some rice, which is different from that of the Ivory Coast but it is good, some vegetables and some meat. Nutrition is important for a player. In the Ivory Coast I met the ambassador who was surprised to see me and I brought him some Toro shirts as a gift. “

On goals and personal goals:

Training with Juric is always tough, but we have to work like that. Against Eintracht Frankfurt it was a bit of a difficult match with a tough opponent. We did two weeks of work, now I feel good, I feel better. I didn’t think I was going to be a mainstay of the Taurus squad, but this was a personal job. This year I will have to do even more. I have to work a lot on the crosses and a little on the physicality, while as characteristics I feel the speed and a bit of the technique. I spoke to Juric who told me that this season I have to do much better, I have to work harder and I have to score at least 6/7 goals. “


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