Verona, Cioffi: “Caprari was a fundamental player for us”

VERONA CIOFFI – Verona continues its pre-season retreat in view of the upcoming summer engagements, today unloading work for Cioffi’s men. Meanwhile, the Setti management continues its work in the market.

Verona, Cioffi: “Caprari was a fundamental player for us”

The Verona coach, Gabriele Cioffi, was interviewed on the official microphones of the Scaligeri channel. He talked about the sale of Caprari to Monza and the next market goals. Here are the words of the former Udinese coach:

On the sale of Caprari and the new module:

I’m not happy with this operation, for me it was a bolt from the blue. In any case, the club and the management want the good of Verona and I am sure they will remedy by purchasing other elements, at least of equal value. In my opinion 3 or 4 players are missing. The module change? I would have played with 3421, but due to the characteristics of the players available, considering the loss of Caprari, I preferred to opt for the 352, taking advantage of the qualities of the elements in pink. There may be players like him in Italy and a couple in England, France and Germany. The expectations and the start were changed during the race, I say this with serenity, because players who were not scheduled to leave have left. Today this is not my team because my team does not concede three goals.

About Lasagna and Henry:

I think there is a very good understanding between the two. I have always believed in Kevin and I supported the Director’s choice to buy Henry and Djuric, two players with characteristics that in my opinion were missing at Verona. I think Piccoli is also a very talented player.

On young Hongla:

I expect as much from him as I do from everyone else. Martin is working hard and I think he has shown that in midfield in that role he can compete with Veloso. For me it was a pleasant surprise, I have a lot of faith in him ”.


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