Verona, Djuric introduces himself: “I want to score many goals”

VERONA DJURIC – Verona works a lot on the market, they are interested in Pablo Marì and Henry but in the meantime the Venetians have presented Milan Djuric, former Salernitana striker.

The Bosnian striker returning from a great season, also followed by the salvation of Salernitana, presented himself to the microphones of the Sports Gazette. Here are his statements. What prompted you to choose Verona? “Without a doubt the club’s desire to have me as a member of the squad: as soon as the opportunity arose, the Director contacted me and explained his project, to which I immediately said yes. For me it was time to take on a new challenge and I am very happy to have made this decision. I am sure I have arrived in an excellent, organized company, which has solid foundations and which immediately made a good impression on me ”. Does the move to Verona mark the long-awaited “qualitative leap”? Yes, I believe that Hellas represents a great opportunity for me and that I can define it as a further important step in my professional career as a footballer “.What is your goal for this season? “Definitely fit into the group as quickly as possible, assimilate the concepts that the coach is instilling in us and be able to give my contribution to the team with goals and performances. Right now I feel good, we are working hard to get ready for the start of the season. What can you still grow in? I think I can still improve from all points of view. My mentality is to set no limits and work every day to do better: I strongly believe in daily work “. What did the Salerno experience teach you? “To never give up. Although the opinion of others was not positive towards us, we have always believed in it and in the end we managed to reach salvation. I think the goal must always be to always believe in it, and I think it applies to any team ”.


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