Votes and Statistics Fantacalcio 35th day: Bonucci decisive, bad day for Stojanovic

FANTACALCIO BONUCCI – In this weekly column we analyze, role by role, the most unpredictable votes of the day (positive and negative) then sharing all the statistics with the Top and Flop of the week.

Fantasy football ratings and statistics matchday 35: Bonucci decisive, bad day for Stojanovic – Goalkeepers

SKORUPSKI 7,5: he is the best player of the match at the Olimpico. The saves on Zaniolo, Carles Perez and Kumbulla allow Bologna to extend the positive streak.

AUDERO 7,5: saves a penalty kick to Criscito at 96 ‘in a derby more important than the others given the position in the standings of the two teams. He’s the cover man of the match.

RUI PATRICIO 7: save his parents on more than one occasion. In the first half he is good at opposing the attempts of Orsolini and Arnautovic, in the final he makes a decisive save on De Silvestri.

SEPE 6,5: game of ordinary administration, it must not perform miracles. He can’t do anything about Pasalic’s goal in the final.

PROVEDEL 6,5: despite the four goals scored, he avoids a worse passive, saving the goal of Spezia several times.

Fantasy football ratings and statistics matchday 35: Bonucci decisive, bad day for Stojanovic – Defenders

BONUCCI 8: celebrates his XNUMXth birthday in the best possible way, scoring the double that leads Juventus to victory and the next Champions League.

GYOMBER 7: Zapata closes with a great sliding intervention. A real wall, he manages to contain the Atalanta strikers very well.

ALEX SANDRO 4,5: enters the game badly: immediately takes a yellow card, a little later he concedes a dangerous free-kick to Venezia.

NIKOLAOU 4: he has great responsibilities on Lazio’s 1-1: he beats the intervention with his head and immediately after commits the hand ball that leads to the penalty converted by Immobile.

STOJANOVIC 2,5: takes two yellow cards by committing two hand fouls in the penalty area. Disastrous race.

Fantasy football ratings and statistics matchday 35: Bonucci decisive, bad day for Stojanovic – Midfielders

EDERSON 7,5: Salernitana carries on with a split in the center forward area. It runs and fits great, plus when it accelerates it’s devastating. It guarantees quantity and quality.

SABIRI 7,5: scores the goal that decides the derby della Lanterna. He is increasingly the driver of this Sampdoria, with excellent quality plays.

ANGUISSA 7,5: asserts all his physicality: excellent recovery on Scamacca in the first half. Also good in the passages, very precise.

CATALDI 7: he misses the back pass for Patric on the occasion of Agudelo’s goal, but afterwards he gets up again, distributing excellent balls. 

ZAKARIA 4,5: imprecise in the setting phase and too impetuous. Has difficulty finding the position and entering.

Fantasy football ratings and statistics matchday 35: Bonucci decisive, bad day for Stojanovic – Forwards

MERTENS 8: creates opportunities, is active. He starts the action of 3-0 with a nice recovery in midfield and scores a brace.

VERDE 7: is the beacon of the attack of La Spezia: many occasions pass from his feet and his set pieces. Provides a good assist for Hristov’s goal. Very good also in the defensive phase.

BELOTTI 6,5: enters at 70 ‘and scores a hat-trick: two goals from a penalty and one in extension in the area. He reaches 100 goals with the Turin shirt. 

PINAMONTI 5: has only one opportunity and does not materialize. For the rest, it fails to affect, it is very well contained by Buongiorno.

ZAPATA 4,5: it is not in top condition and it shows. He fails to win the duels with the Salernitana power plants, he has very few chances and wastes them.

SOURCE OF VOTES: Fantasy football Italy

Let’s now see the statistics of the 35th day

Last night, with the match between Atalanta and Salernitana, the match ended 35a day of the championship. These, according to the votes of the Milan editorial office of the Gazzetta dello Sport, are the players who have been particularly highlighted and those who, on the contrary, have disappointed the expectations of the many Magic Coaches.

The best and the worst

È Belotti (Turin) with 17 to win the highest fantasy media this day, great satisfaction for all those fantasy coaches who have bet on him without batting an eye.

The same cannot be said for Advice (Sassuolo) than with his own -1 it was the worst, disappointing the expectations of those who had deployed it.

? Top by role 35th day:

? Flop for role 35th day:

? The trend of the last 3 days:

If you are wondering which are the best players for each position in the last 3 days, the answer is simple.

The goalkeeper with the best performance is Audero (Sampdoria) with his 8.0.

In defense, watch out for Gyomber (Salernitana) with an excellent 7.5.

In the median it is Ekdal (Sampdoria) with 7.5 to be the master.

Forward the most insidious striker is Belotti (Turin) with 8.0.

(I.e. Ideal formation of the 35th day (4-3-3):

MagicPoints: 124

Defense Bonus: + 6

TOTAL: 130

? Flop 11 of the 35th day (4-3-3):

TOTAL: 35.5

Please note:

The goal is calculated with a bonus equivalent to +3, regardless of the player’s role.

The ideal formation is determined using the defense modifier.

The trend is calculated considering only the votes in the report card (therefore without bonus / malus)

Data source:

By Federico Poet

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