Votes and Statistics Fantasy Football Day 36: Tonali leader, De Sciglio disastrous

FANTACALCIO TONALI – In this weekly column we analyze, role by role, the most unpredictable votes of the day (positive and negative) then sharing all the statistics with the Top and Flop of the week. All exclusively for the readers of

Votes and Statistics Fantasy Football Day 36: Tonali leader, De Sciglio disastrous


MAENPAA 7,5: at the beginning of the match he makes an excellent raise which leads to Henry’s goal. He can’t do much on the three goals he conceded.

BERISHA 7,5: in the first half he makes some good results, in the second half he is very good at parrying Insigne’s penalty. He was unlucky when Fabian Ruiz scored.

VICAR 7: can do little on the four goals scored. Keeps him afloat with important saves.

TIPS 7: rejects several attempts, especially in the first half. He denies Deulofeu the goal on more than one occasion.

HANDANOVIC 5,5: he does not even dive into Pinamonti’s goal, but in fact he could do little. Out on Asllani takes goals under the legs. 

Votes and Statistics Fantasy Football Day 36: Tonali leader, De Sciglio disastrous – Defenders

PATRIC 7,5: scores his first goal in Serie A with an excellent deadlift. Good performance also in the defensive phase.

BANI 7: contains Vlahovic well with precise and clean closures. He is careful and makes almost nothing wrong. 

NUYTINCK 7: careful in the defensive phase. Harness his ability to place in the penalty area and score the 1-1 goal with a paw.

DE SCIGLIO 4,5: Gudmundsson is lost in the 1-1 goal, then in the final Yeboah lands and concedes the penalty that will transform Criscito. Disastrous performance.

DE SILVESTRI 4,5: he suffers a lot from Haps’ raids on his wing. He is late in closing on Johnsen on the occasion of the 4-3 goal.

Votes and Statistics Fantasy Football Day 36: Tonali leader, De Sciglio disastrous – Midfielders

TONALS 8,5: celebrates his twenty-second birthday with a fundamental double for the Scudetto race. Proof as a leader, he is certainly one of the protagonists of this fantastic AC Milan season.

AMIRI 8: churns out a kiss assist for Gudmundsson. He takes good initiatives, moves a lot and puts his imagination in the actions of Genoa. He is the best of him, in the final he wastes a good scoring opportunity.

BADELJ 7,5: acts as a screen in front of the defense, demonstrates a great sense of position. Play in a simple but effective way.

LUIS ALBERTO 7,5: it’s inspired and put on a show. He lights up Lazio’s offensive maneuver, scores a top-notch goal by coldly discarding Audero and brushing a good assist for Patric’s goal.

CALHANOGLU 7,5: realizes a beautiful assist for Martinez’s 2-2. He is brilliant, he goes close to scoring and recovers some balls. Inter’s maneuver needs his quality.

Votes and Statistics Fantasy Football Day 36: Tonali leader, De Sciglio disastrous – Attackers

MARTINEZ 7,5: he never gives up, he fights a lot. He finds two beautiful goals, fundamental for the Nerazzurri’s comeback. He seems to be back in 100% form, both in front of goal and in stubbornness.

HENRY 7: scores with a delicious lob that surprises Skorupski. Very offensive, he also participates in the action of 4-3. He is good at using his physical strength to serve useful balls to his teammates.

GONZALEZ 7: he earns the penalty and transforms it. It is in the evening and it proves it with classy plays.

ABRAHAM 5: he fights as usual, but this time he is too isolated and cannot make an impact.

INSIGNE 5: bad day for the Neapolitan flag. He misses a penalty kick and wastes a glorious opportunity by getting back from Izzo.

SOURCE OF VOTES: Fantasy football Italy

Let’s now see the statistics of the 36th day

Top, flop and average rating, all the numbers of the 36a day of the championship, according to the votes of the Milan editorial office of the Gazzetta dello Sport.

The best and the worst

È Tonali (Milan) which illuminated his 36th day 14 is the highest MagicCalcistico score. Game of great intensity and quality that made many fantasy coaches rejoice.

A step back from expectations for Insigne (Naples) than with his 2.5 it was the worst. Lorenzo runs into a difficult afternoon, resulting not very incisive and not particularly brilliant.

? Top by role 36th day:

? Flop for role 36th day:

? The trend of the last 3 days:

If you are wondering which are the best players for each role of the last 3 days, the answer will be given by the editors of MagicGol.

The goalkeeper with the best performance is Berisha (Turin) with its 7.0.

In defense he shines Ceccaroni (Venice) with a super 7.0.

In the control room it is Tonali (Milan) with 8.0 to dominate the team mates.

Forward stands out Lion (Milan) with 8.0.

(I.e. Ideal formation of the 36th day (4-3-3):

MagicPoints: 119

Defense Bonus: + 6

TOTAL: 125

? Flop 11 of the 36th day (4-4-2):


Please note:

The goal is calculated with a bonus equivalent to +3, regardless of the player’s role.

The ideal formation is determined using the defense modifier.

The trend is calculated considering only the votes in the report card (therefore without bonus / malus)

Data source:

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