Xavi returns to the Europa League: “Our goal was to win a title this season”

XAVI BARCELONA EUROPA LEAGUE – Xavi Hernandez, coach of Barcelona, ​​in a press conference returned to the elimination in the Europa League at the hands of Frankfurt. Here is what was stated.

Xavi returns to the Europa League: “Our goal was to win a title this season”

“I had a bad feeling from the first moment. They threw everything at us when we were on the bus, we weren’t in good shape on the pitch and a penalty arrived in the first minutes. The evening started badly and ended badly. Our goal was to win a title this season. Now we will fight for LaLiga, even if it is difficult to win it ”.

Barcelona falls again, 0-1 with Cadiz

The waste of elimination in the Europa League is still present in the ‘Balugrana’ environment. Xavi’s boys lose 1-0 against Cadiz, Lucas Perez quick to correct a rebound in the small area in the goal. Usual game made up of a lot of possession, about 75%, but this time Barca failed to find the goal. Even in case of victory, as stated by Xavi himself, it would still have been difficult to think of being able to win the championship: Ancelotti’s Real are 15 points away. For the future, the aspect to improve will be that of having to be more continuous, often even within a single game. But the future looks good: the work has been well planned and the jewels grown in the Masia, with the contribution of Xavi, have led to the rebirth of Barcelona.

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