Moviola, Bergonzi: “Irrati frightened, rigorino to Inter. About Mertens … “

MOVIOLA, BERGONZI – Mauro Bergonzi, former football referee and sports manager, now Albissola club manager, spoke at “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio.

Moviola, Bergonzi: “Irrati frightened, rigino to the inter. About Mertens … “

“Since yesterday I’ve been hearing everyone talking about these episodes. I have noticed that there is a great synergy in saying that the things you do are right. Faced with this, going against the tide seems to be crazy. However, there is this rule which is called ‘step on foot’, codified by UEFA, which categorizes this as a free kick and a yellow card. There are great choices to be made, in my opinion yesterday that of ram has very little. If we go after these situations, we never get out of them anymore.

Was it a “rigino”? “For me, yes, he is a half stomper. This is a contact sport, fouls are something else. But let’s not start saying that in other countries they whistle less and play in another way. You can see when the national team and the club play abroad. We are used to whistling things that are out of the world of football. If yesterday’s is a penalty, then Osimhen’s in Napoli-Milan was also a penalty. “

Like the one about Belotti? “That is clearly a mistake. You can also make a mistake, even if you can’t in front of the monitor. Yesterday a coded thing was assigned but let’s go for really subtle things. Football is a sport of movement, of contact ”.

Moviola, Bergonzi: “Irrati frightened, rigorino to Inter. About Mertens … “

Why this decision? Can we say that Italian football is in a severe crisis and also in decline due to refereeing?
“I go against the tide. UEFA cataloged the episode that way, but in my day an episode like that wasn’t even reviewed and mentioned. That’s not football. Criticisms of Irrati? Notice how many penalties are awarded directly on the pitch or assigned by the Var. They are all awarded by the Var. You do not evaluate it from the field, it is a game contact. The Var in this moment changes things “.

Juve’s protests about the unassigned penalty
“No, there was no penalty. What comes to mind is Morata slipping, Vlahovic as well. Batons on Zakaria? There probably at the moment when the referee blows the whistle he can see to the Var if he was in or out, but you are not sure if he is inside the area. Even there a foul was called … The contrast is not 100% clear whether he was inside the area or not, not even at the Var they understood it and the one decided by the referee was kept. Here too, however, it is a game contrast, there is nothing. In the area you have to whistle important fouls, otherwise the players will take advantage of it ”.

Do you agree with those who said that Irrati was not up to the pressure?
“I’ll tell you more. When he entered the field his face expressed “because I have to play this match just for me”.

Moviola, Bergonzi: “Irrati frightened, rigorino to Inter. About Mertens … “

From the first minute that Lautaro does not immediately warn you can see, it’s a kick in the face. What is automatic by regulation. Even from there you understand the referee. It has been a while, beyond Roma-Lazio, that he hasn’t played games of a certain level. Why did they designate it? Because there were no more referees available. Massa would have been the most suitable referee, as well as Guida, but after the mistakes made they were not selected. Orsato has never refereed Inter since that famous match with Juventus. Because? I said that badly. After that famous match, he does not go to direct a Juventus-Inter for reasons of controversy. In past management they could also ensure that there was a new involvement “.

On Allegri’s outburst to the fourth official
“The tension was at its peak. The fourth official finds himself handling a bigger situation than him in a difficult game. At that moment you have a few seconds to choose. I can’t deny that sometimes less is better. If they had also sent Allegri away it would have been worse, although he cannot throw the jacket like that. De Ligt? When I said the ‘step on foot’, here we see that the players take advantage of it. It doesn’t seem to me that last night Irrati was at the top of his performances to give him a yellow card ”.

Moviola, Bergonzi: “Frightened Irrati, Rigorino at Inter. About Mertens … “

On Fiorentina-Empoli
“I agree with Paolo. When I saw that scene of the executive I thought: ‘But where are we? At what level is our football? ‘. Yesterday Maresca also intervened on Pinamonti’s foul on Terracciano. I don’t know what the referee could see on the monitor the referee, there was nothing striking, it was a game contrast. There is nothing, it is incomprehensible. From that moment the match for the referee went uphill. I go crazy for these things, a colleague has been put in trouble ”.
Why did the Atalanta-Napoli referee take two minutes to award the penalty?
“In our time we saw this penalty from the pitch. It was easy to see. That is rigor. You have to whistle right away without discussion. They probably could not understand, but we must go back to the old. You have to have the personality to decide. This is missing. You must immediately see this rigor. If I were the designator I would not be happy with the referee’s performance. I can guarantee you that I have refereed very strong players without Var, and nothing was understood of what was going on. Some were so good and fast that they screwed you. But he was human, without any technological support “.

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