Bologna, TMW: “After Theate’s farewell, all about Schuurs”

BOLOGNA SCHUURS- Bologna continues its pre-season retreat, today forced and aerobic labor for Sinisa Mihalhovic’s men. Meanwhile, DS Sartori is at work on the incoming market, awaiting various offers for his wards.

Bologna, TMW: “After Theate’s farewell, all about Schuurs”

With the imminent sale of Theate to Rennes, for a figure close to 20 million, Bologna will probe various names for the defense. The Belgian player was excellent in the game from below and for his skill in juggling Mihaljovic’s 3-man defense. The French club has chosen the former Ooende as a virtual substitute, after the refusal of Kim Min Jae, who moved to Napoli. One of the hottest names for Theate’s replacement is Ajax defender Peer Schurs. Class 99 ′, his pivotal foot is his right and inevitably, given his 1,91 m height, his main quality lies in his physical positioning and marking. Besides, which, of course, in the aerial game on which he often stands out and dominates over his opponent. He will work in the next few days for a formula, probably an onerous loan or, if the DS Sartori wants, he will close for a permanent operation.


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