Naples, CdS: “Eyes only for Kim, Giuntoli also on Lo Celso”

NAPLES, CDS- As the CdS reports to date, Napoli is still under construction and must really put its pieces in the right place to compete.

Naples, CdS: “Eyes only for Kim, Giuntoli also on Lo Celso”

“Kim se: armored but casually. Even the club, through the social profiles, presented him with the nickname he likes: “The Monster is here”. The Monster is here. And he will wear the number 3 shirt. And now, with the defense now complete, ds Giuntoli will focus on all the outstanding issues. In order: as regards the center forward, the story is very clear but it is linked to Petagna’s exit: Monza awaits the approval of Berlusconi to define the purchase and immediately afterwards Giovanni Simeone will greet Verona and paint his life with light blue”.

“Definitely more intricate – and intriguing – is the goalkeeper node: the idea is to focus on a strong, prestigious name, and it is no coincidence that the first goal has always been Keylor Navas of PSG and the second Kepa of Chelsea. Also on the list are Neto, leaving Barça, and Trapp from Eintracht. Them and of course Meret, on the booklet. Alex’s renewal: practically defined but not signed yet. As for the midfield, everything revolves around the negotiations with West Ham for Zielinski: in the meantime, without prejudice to the interest in Barak of Verona, the ds Giuntoli has collected info for the Argentine Giovani Lo Celso of Tottenham, already in the sights of Fiorentina. “

Christian Marangio


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