Capital gains, La Marca: “Napoli could face the only sanction of a fine”

CAPITAL GAINS LA MARCA – At “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio, Domenico La Marca, a lawyer expert in sports law, spoke.

Capital gains, La Marca: “Napoli could face the only sanction of a fine”

In the case of capital gains, the risks of Napoli – “Pursuant to article 31, paragraph 1 of the Sports Justice Code, if any irregularities on the part of Napoli are ascertained, the club could possibly face the sole sanction of a fine. At the moment, I do not think it possible to identify a mechanism capable of uniquely determining the value of a player’s card. Indeed, the same could prove to be a limitation to the contractual freedom of the clubs and the members themselves. I repeat, we need to weaken the capital gains and resort to other economic-financial parameters if we want to ascertain the work and conduct of the clubs. “

Financial Fair Play – “The new financial fair play limits the spending on salaries, transfers and agent fees to 70% of the club’s revenue. Within 3 years, we will reach this threshold. On the one hand, there was a need for a clear intervention. Perhaps even less sophisticated than the previous one, but more direct towards clubs, especially in the post Covid period. On the other hand, there is a real risk that the gap between the top clubs and other clubs will increase. In fact, this regulation will have a relative influence on the spending power of the most important clubs in the world. In particular of those leagues such as the Premier which with revenues and sponsorships will be able to afford the arrival of additional champions unlike others who risk seeing the gap further increase in terms of appeal and media interest. Unfortunately, with this intervention we will hardly see a greater competitive democracy at European level. “

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