Support Your Child Through Life Lessons Taught by Team Sports

Participation in a team sport offers valuable benefits to kids. In addition to getting your child’s heart pumping, playing with a team boosts confidence, increases camaraderie, and develops teamwork skills. A great team experience teaches your child (and many parents) about good sportsmanship. The team works hard to win and then handles a loss together with respect. In the end, a program with a great coach helps the team grow in ways that will serve the children throughout adulthood, and you can support those lessons. presents the following article about ways you can support your child’s interest in team sports.

Watch a Game Together

Taking your child to watch a game in person is a great way to drum up enthusiasm for practice and drills. Look for discount tickets online through sites such as TickPick and use online filters to determine dates, price ranges, and even your preferred seating. Include a game in a vacation or trip with sites such as Airbnb and Kayak.

Focus on One or Two Sports at a Time

There are many wonderful reasons to involve your child in a variety of sports, but during each season it’s best to focus on just one or two sports. Multi-sport athletes work multiple muscle groups and avoid injuries related to overuse. Too much time spent on just one sport can lead to burnout. However, it’s best to be gentle to your child’s schedule (and yours), so choose one sport per season.

Invest in Durable Gear

Durable gear is a must for young athletes. Quality gear protects your child from injuries, so in your quest for affordable gear make sure you know what you’re looking for. For example, make sure you know the difference between soccer, baseball, and football cleats. Talking to seasoned parents is one of the best tips for finding affordable, durable equipment. Buying used equipment is a great way to keep costs down. With an investment of time, you can often find name-brand items that are still in good shape. Another good tip for getting low-cost gear is shopping during the off-season. Once you know which sports your child will enjoy, watch for cleats, pads, and other gear year-round.

While your child is busy getting to know the members of the team, it’s up to you to form some friendships with the other adults. Seasoned team parents have valuable tips to share, from pre-game meals to the best sources of equipment. With these connections, you may enjoy carpooling for practices and games as well as sharing ideas for warm-up and cool-down snacks. These parents can also teach you a lot about game etiquette.

Put Together a Small Home Gym

If your child develops an interest in exercise and working out as a result of their participation in team sports, consider putting together a small home gym for them to use. This could be a small part of your garage or the conversion of an entire room in your house. Not only will this show your child that you care about their health and well-being, but it will also keep them interested in maintaining these routines. Additionally, this home gym could actually help boost the value of your home if you decide to sell. Many people are looking for houses with built-in gyms, and it could make your property much more attractive to potential buyers.

Practice Positive Sportsmanship

Your sideline behavior has a big impact on your child individually and on the team as a whole. Here are some general guidelines that are true for any team sport:

  • Let the coach do the coaching during the game.
  • Keep your enthusiasm positive and provide encouragement to every child on the team.
  • Remember that participation as a team is more important than winning.
  • Set an example of self-control and respect.
  • Don’t heckle or criticize players on either team, the coaches, or the refs.

As you get wound up in winning or losing, focus on calming down. According to experts, there are important benefits to both winning and losing. Your example as an adult will help all of the players learn from their experiences.

Your child can learn and grow in many ways when participating in team sports, and many of those lessons are just as important for the adults involved. Use these tips to support your child and the rest of the team throughout a winning experience.

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