De Laurentiis, Sky: “Mertens? The final decision is up to him. On the Champions and Spalletti … “

DE LAURENTIIS SKY – Aurelio De Laurentiis, president of Napoli, made some statements to the microphones of Sky Sport.

De Laurentiis, Sky: “Mertens? The final decision is up to him. On the Champions and Spalletti … “

“Do they want the withdrawal? Ok. Then you reflect and say that it belongs to an archaic world. Let’s meet: maybe in front of a nice dish and a glass of good wine we will clarify. Yesterday I sat down at every table of players and we exchanged views. There are 4 games still to be played, we have to score 4 points: because at the beginning of the season no one talked about the Scudetto, the Europa League, the Italian Cup; our goal is to return to the Champions League, because between Covid and purchases we are out of € 220M. Spalletti has a 3-year contract: 2 fixed + 1 option on our part. At this moment I have never thought of a possible replacement. I asked Mertens: ‘Ciro, what should we do? Do you want to stay in Naples? ‘ He has the ball in his hand. I asked him when he would like to see me again, to talk about it again. He said to me, with the smile that distinguishes him: “Presidè, ce verimm ‘”. Last night I was sorry that Insigne was going away: we smiled at each other and I shrugged his shoulders in a fatherly manner. He will always remain in the history of Napoli. Raspadori and Traorè? Sassuolo is an expensive shop, Napoli must start finding jewels again, as we did with #Benitez that I will never stop thanking. Koulibaly ideal perfect captain? Koulibaly is Koulibaly ”.

Today was the useful one to break the silence in the Naples home. To speak is the president De Laurentiis analyzing the hottest issues of the moment. At the moment the priority remains the last four games and the observation of the team’s work. Meanwhile, something is moving for the future, both in terms of Mertens renewal and purchases for next season: the first will be Kvaratskhelia as announced by the Italian president.

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