Spalletti: “It was not easy to go to the Champions League with three rounds to spare. About the future … “

Spalletti made some statements to Dazn’s microphones after the overwhelming 6-1 victory against Sassuolo. A match that only increases the regrets of the Neapolitan fans, who during the match expressed all their disappointment after the defeat at Empoli. Now the Champions goal has been achieved mathematically. Below, the words of the technician from Certaldo.

Spalletti: “It was not easy to go to the Champions League with three rounds to spare. About the future … “

“However, it was not easy to be in the Champions League with three rounds to spare, then it is clear there is regret for some matches, but they have been replaced by some victories in important fields and they go to repair certain matches in which we have been below ours. possibility. It was I who talked about the Scudetto to raise the bar with determination to go beyond the obstacle. Playing a game of today’s importance in an atmosphere of almost contestation is something that I feel sorry for the players for all they have shown during the year.

This is not an easier league than the others, it is the opposite, in the sense that there are mid-table teams that fight and have a different level of quality and way of being on the pitch than in previous years. Now it seems almost a success to be Lazio and Roma while Napoli were insufficient, but it is not so, it is a little game that always creates the expectations of those who are not our friends. The camp said that those who are ahead of us have been stronger than us. In my opinion the team played a great championship, we have been going through ups and downs for two years. Due credit must be given to the players ”.

How is the relationship with the team? “Who doubts me, a reporter? The one who has no ideas and brings out semolina that he feeds everyone. Are we still talking about Totti or Icardi? Since they have no quality about what to write, they go to resume old episodes by inventing something as if there is a fight inside the locker room. The Insigne case has handled itself, he is a champion, a beautiful person, you have seen how he would wake up the team at 4-0 asking everyone to stay focused. This team has achieved a great result but there will be time to talk about it “.

How do you grow for the future? “This season he has told us many things, now we have more material available and we have created a showcase for many players. While at the beginning of the season the president spoke of having to lower the salary there were not many proposals, now many are interested in the transfer market and I am happy with this, these players here deserve showcases and deserve to be in the sights of other important clubs like Napoli “. 

Dinners every time? “We also go to have breakfast at this point …”.

Pasquale Caldarelli


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