De Ligt recalls Raiola: “I’m not ready to write this message, I wanted to tell you …”

De Ligt recalled, through social media, the disappearance of Mino Raiola. The defender greeted his attorney with a long message. What is published below.

De Ligt recalls Raiola: “I’m not ready to write this message, I wanted to tell you …”

Dear Mino, I honestly am not ready to write this message and I think I never will be. It is too early for us players, for your family but above all for you. You had so many dreams to fulfill, so many things left to do. I thought you were crazy when you told me about the things you were planning, but in the end you were always right. You knew how the world worked. Nothing is impossible and you have shown it to the whole world.

The moment I first met you I knew you were a special person. Completely different from me, but we had one thing in common. We wanted to do our job in the best possible way and take everything out of our lives. You fought for your players together with your team and that is why you were so loved by all of them. Because as you always said: they are my children, my family. And now it’s time to change roles: you did everything for us and now we have to do everything for the people you loved the most, your family.

I promise you that we will take care of everything you have loved together as your “children”. Mino, I will miss you for everything. As you said you were the villain against everyone for me, to be my agent but most of all to be my best friend. Someone I could always ask for help, who was ready to fight for me, but also someone I could talk to about life in general. Someone who knew so much about certain things that I’m mad at myself didn’t ask you for more. I’m sure at some point I’ll be able to ask for more and pamper you again because I miss you too much already. I love you Mino“.

Pasquale Caldarelli


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