Genoa, Zangrillo: “We deserve Serie B, we owe answers to the fans”

GENOA ZANGRILLO – Alberto Zangrillo, president of Genoa, made some statements to the microphones of Dazn, after the defeat against Napoli.

Genoa, Zangrillo: “We deserve Serie B, we owe answers to the fans”

 “The true value of Genoa is they, the fans. I was much better when I was with them. I take full responsibility for my role. I am here today to tell the fans that I fully understand their efforts and their pain. I recognize everyone’s efforts, primarily the team and staff. But the true value of Genoa are the colors, everything else counts for nothing. We have lost games that we shouldn’t have lost. Then when a team does not win it deserves Serie B. The next game is still to be played, there are the fortune tellers who tell us that salvation is still arithmetically possible, but Genoa deserves Serie B. In which areas will you intervene to improve the team? I don’t want to be ridiculous and banal, but the team must be strengthened in every sector. It is useless for me to put myself there to cover with conjectures what the future will be. I am particularly impressed today. We owe answers to the fans. If we want to continue being from Genoa we must admit our mistakes and be aware that we have made some and that something could be corrected. There have been signs that we have not seen. It’s our fault, I apologize and hug the fans because we have betrayed their expectations, despite the team’s efforts “.

The defeat against Napoli in fact puts Genoa one step away from Serie B. The only hope for the ‘Grifone’ would be that of the detached classification, that is Genoa, Cagliari and Salernitana on equal points. In this case, the Ligurians would be safe because they would look at the points scored in the direct clashes, a very difficult scenario to achieve.

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