Inter beat Cagliari, the Scudetto (and not only) is decided on the last day

INTER CAGLIARI SCUDETTO – Inter beat Cagliari and postpones the Scudetto discussion, and not only, to the last day. The head-to-head between the two Milanese continues, where everything will be played in Inter-Sampdoria and Sassuolo-Milan.

Inter beat Cagliari, the Scudetto (and not only) is decided on the last day

The defeat of Cagliari also condemns Genoa. Blessin’s men could have hoped for salvation, only in the event of a classification divorced at 3 between Cagliari, Salernitana and Genoa itself. To date, however, they could only get on equal points with Salernitana and having the direct clashes in favor, they are mathematically relegated. So the last verdict for Serie B will depend on the intertwining between Salernitana-Udinese and Venice-Cagliari. In the event of a tie, the direct clashes between Sardinians and Campania are still in perfect equality and Cagliari wins: the Sardinians momentarily have a +7 for the goal difference. Finally, the fight for Europe and the Conference League remains open: Atalanta, Rome, Lazio and Fiorentina, four teams for three places. Last 90 ′, between the Scudetto, Europe and salvation to be experienced all in one breath.

Davide D’Alessio


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