Euro 2020 speaks Italian: Serie A at the top, Bundesliga and Premier League chase

The neighbour’s grass is not always greener

Football fans, who consistently follow the Serie A, they are often used to looking at other leagues with envy, considering them superior. Unfortunately, it must be admitted that top-level players play in the foreign championships, but it is also true that compared to a few years ago, we Italians can also boast of undisputed champions who tread the fields of the tricolor boot. The first that comes to mind, inevitably, is Cristiano Ronaldo: the champion of Juventus is currently the top scorer of Euro 2020 with five goals scored.

Besides CR7, spokesman for the awakening of Serie A, there are so many players who have imposed themselves on the fields of the European Championship with outstanding performances and who have brought prestige to the Italian championship. A concrete proof of this Italian recovery is the entire ranking of goals scored which, considering the leagues where the players play, sees Serie A firmly in first place. Going in order and starting from the bottom, it is possible to notice the championship Turkish, the championship Scottish, That Slovak, ceco, Ukrainian e Chinese all at 1 goal.

Ronaldo and Messi

On the penultimate step of this ranking there are the Belgian Pro League, the Championship English, the Eredivisie, the championship russo and the championship Croatian with 2 goals scored. At 3 goals, on the other hand, there is the championship Portuguese, while Ligue 6 reaches 1 goals French. Just off the podium is La Liga Spanish who scored 8 goals. As you get closer to the higher positions of this special ranking, the information that can be obtained is more and more interesting and full of ideas: third place for the Premier League with 24 goals scored, many but not as many Bundesliga which instead is in second place with 26 goals.

On the top step of the podium, in first place for goals scored, there is our Serie A with 33 goals scored. Even in the match valid for the quarter-finals between Italy e Belgium the three goals scored all bear the signature of our championship, that is Stretcher, Insigne e Lukaku. Almost 30% of the goals scored at Euro 2020 bear the signature of our championship. What does this mean? What considerations can we draw from this data?

Serie A great protagonist

The 33 goals scored by players who play in Serie A, together with the exhilarating path ofItaly by Roberto Mancini, are clues that make a test: our championship has a lot to say and to teach. The difficulties encountered in Serie A, both at a technical and tactical level, are an excellent testing ground for the players who play there and who are tempered to the point of being able to offer above-average performances in the international arena.

All of this turns into one greater spectacle for those attending a Serie A match and a greater international appeal, confirming that we are emerging from a dark period of technical scarcity and lack of projects. Compared to a few years ago, now in Italy the ball is played much more, he scores more, many more talented players come from abroad and the results achieved improve year after year.

Unfortunately there is also the downside to be analyzed: all these goals at Euro 2020 can also mean that in our Serie A there is an unusual abundance of foreign players compared to other leagues, which instead continue to have an important core of players belonging to their nation. If there are more foreigners in Serie A, the national team obviously suffers as it has a smaller catchment area from which to draw to find the talents of tomorrow.

This can be a negative point also considering the current conditions of economic crisis due to Covid-19, given that the clubs of our Serie A, despite the need to save and reduce expenses, they hardly bet on young people from the youth sectors and in any case prefer to invest in players from other leagues. The clubs in our league still lack an important step to take to fill the gap with the top clubs of Liga, Premier e Bundesliga and return to impose itself in the Champions League and it will still take some time to find the right path.

Waiting for the final matches of the European Championship to outline the final ranking of the goals scored and wishing theItaly to go all the way, in any case, this surprising statement at Euro 2020 can be considered a good starting point that gives a newfound credibility to our Serie A.

Di Carmine Panarella

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