Fantasy football votes 24th day: Pereiro devastating, Abraham disappoints

In this weekly column we analyze, role by role, the most unpredictable votes of the day (positive and negative).


Maignan (Milan)
Maignan (Milan)

LEZZERINI 7,5: despite the two goals conceded, he makes excellent saves, keeping his own in the race.

MAIGNAN 7: he lives his first Milan derby as a protagonist: he is decisive on several occasions, often his saves are worth more than a goal.

MUSSO 4: he takes a goal from Pereiro and immediately afterwards overwhelms him leaving Atalanta in ten for more than 40 minutes.


Caldara (Venice) @flickr
Conti (Sampdoria)

ACCOUNTS 7: enters the second half and scores his second goal with the Sampdoria, making the most of Candreva’s excellent cross.

LUIZ FELIPE 7: defense leader, not afraid to take risks with the ball and chain. Contains Cabral well.

CALDARA 7: one of the best of his in the defeat against Napoli. Always precise, he controls Osimhen well, except on the occasion of the Nigerian’s goal.


Candreva (Sampdoria) @flickr

PEREIRO 8,5: brace and expulsion procured (by Musso) against Atalanta: perfect match for Mazzarri’s winger.

CANDREVA 8: Giampaolo changes his role, moves him back in the middle of the wing. Candreva responds with a goal and two assists, a sign that he can really play anywhere this season.

GREEN 8: he made his debut with two fantastic free-kick goals: he couldn’t have started his adventure in Salerno in a better way.


Giroud (Milan)
Giroud (Milan)

GIROUD 8: the French center forward scores a brace in three minutes in his first Milan derby and takes the stage.

CAPUTO 8: scores the former’s goal and gets the 4-0 penalty: he seems to be back in great shape.

ABRAHAM 5: fails to affect, and moreover commits the foul that will cost the cancellation of Zaniolo’s goal

SOURCE OF VOTES: Fantasy football Italy

By Federico Poet

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