Fiorentina, Cois: “Torreira great loss. It will be a great match against Napoli “

FIORENTINA COIS – At “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio, Sandro Cois, former Fiorentina player, spoke.

Fiorentina, Cois: “Torreira great loss. It will be a great match against Napoli “

Did Torino rediscover the Taurus spirit thanks to Juric?
“I think the coach has given a very precise mark, they are a very attentive and aggressive team, they don’t let you breathe. Play a bit like Atalanta, you see the old Toro heart ”.

How much have the corporate problems affected Sampdoria?

“I think they had a little impact, because serenity is important, having problems is never nice but I think Sampdoria needs change also at the level of players. It is a bit limited by some things, even if it has great players who are however at the end of their career like Quagliarella, Caputo or Candreva. The championships are long, if you don’t have the right spare parts you struggle “.

Do you think there is a player in Serie A who can collect your legacy in midfield?

“The only role I didn’t play is the goalkeeper, I played both in defense and in midfield, in attack I played with Fiorentina because Batistuta and Baiano are missing. It’s difficult to make comparisons with when I was playing, but I see myself in Roma’s Veretout. He is very good at regaining the ball and getting in, he also scores goals. Technically Bonaventura is better than me “.

What did your Fiorentina lack in order not to win the Scudetto?

“Batistuta passed away, his replacement who was Edmundo decided to go to the Carnival and stay away for two months. In those 7 games we had a great deal of effort to score, the Scudetto unfortunately vanished for these two reasons. The main one was the absence of Bati ”.

How important is Torreira’s absence for Napoli-Fiorentina?

“Great loss, he makes the team go round and sets the times. Even in high pressing it is fundamental, it will be a great absence. Amrabat will play who despite being different he is good at reconquest. It will certainly be a great match “.

Naples without Anguissa due to disqualification, how much does it lose?

“He loses in physicality, he is a player who has shown great technique. Spalletti has improved it above all on the technical, motivational and inclusion aspects. I think Napoli are organized in midfield, they have more quality in substitutes “.

Who are the men of the match?

“In my opinion Zielinski of Napoli and Bonaventura of Fiorentina who can still make the difference. If he doesn’t make it then Sottil even if he won’t start from the beginning “.

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