How to play Fantasy Football on Realfevr: a beginner’s guide is one of the most important world platforms of Fantasy Football Games including the game on the Serie A which however follows different rules from those of the version of Fantacalcio Classic Italian. Let’s see them briefly.

RealFevr Fantasy Football
RealFevr Fantasy Football is one of the most important world platforms of Fantasy Football Games including the game on the Serie A which however follows different rules from those of the version of Fantacalcio Classic Italian. Let’s see them briefly.


The team must be composed of 15 players, divided as follows:
⁃ 2 goalkeepers
⁃ 5 defenders
⁃ 5 midfielders
⁃ 3 forwards

Players from each club

The budget is 100 million. You can have up to a maximum of 3 militant players in the same club. If, due to a transfer to the real football market, this ceiling is exceeded the fantamanager in question will have to surrender the players in excess in the first available market session

Training Holder

Each week will have to be deployed a training of 11 players, chosen from the 15 of the rose, which will be the only ones to score points. The modules that can be used are:

  • 3-4-3
  • 3-5-2
  • 4-3-3
  • 4-4-2
  • 4-5-1
  • 5-3-2
  • 5-4-1

Captain and Vice-captain

There must be a Captain and a Vice-captain. The Captain’s score will be doubled.

Automatic replacements

If a player of the starting formation does not take to the field to its place a player of the bench will take over. For players of movement the order will be the one indicated at the time of completion of the training provided that it is compatible with one of the available modules. Example: I line up the team with 3-5-2, a starting midfielder does not play and the first reserve is a striker.

In that case the attacker would enter and the module would become a 3-4-3. If instead to mark was a defender the attacker could not take over as it is not possible to use 2-5-3. Then the first defender available on the bench would enter. If the captain does not take the field the band would pass to the vice-captain whose score would be doubled. If the vice-captain is missing too, no player will have the score doubled. Goalkeepers can only replace each other.

Manual Replacements

During the game week you can manually replace players who have not yet taken to the field or even those who have already played if you believe that their performance has not been up to the task. You may also possibly point to another player as captain. It is not possible to remove players who are expelled. If manual replacements are used in the rest of the round, automatic replacements cannot be used.

Score calculation

The score of the players is based on their performance on the playing field, the reference body are the official statistics of Italy Fantasy. Points are awarded for the following events:

  • 1 for 0 to 59 minutes
  • 3 for 61 to 90 minutes 3 for assist
  • 3 points for assists, 5 for penalties.

The score of goals is divided as follows:

  • 10 if it is a goalkeeper
  • 6 to the defender
  • 5 to the midfielder
  • 4 to the striker.

If a player plays more than 60 minutes and his team in that time period does not suffer goals he will be awarded the clean sheet bonus of 4 points in the case of a goalkeeper or a defender, of 1 if he is a midfielder. There is no clean sheet bonus for attackers. Every 2 parades the goalkeeper will receive a 1-point bonus as well as defenders, midfielders and strikers every 2 pitches.

The malus are divided as follows:
⁃ 2 points for the own goals
⁃ 1 for the yellow card
⁃ 3 for the red card
⁃ 2 for the penalty failed
⁃ 1 for those who commit a penalty
⁃ 1 to goalkeepers and defenders every 2 goals conceded by the team in which they play.

The malus goal conceded is attributed only to the players on the field when the team takes goals. If a player is expelled, he will be awarded all the goals conceded by his team until the end of the game.

Statistical corrections

Any statistical corrections will be made within 24 hours of the end of the game week. In case of corrections weekly and seasonal scores will be updated automatically.


After creating the team you can buy or sell players. Until the expiration of the first week of play there is no limit to transfers. In the event a player enrolled in competition already in progress would have unlimited transfers in the period between the creation of the team and the start of its first week of play. From the second week of play forward for each round each fantamanager will have 2 free transfers available. It is also possible to move any unused free transfer to the next game week up to a maximum of 3 total transfers per round. For each additional transfer to the weekly score will be subtracted a malus of 4 points. Once confirmed transfers can not be canceled.


Each fantamanager will have 2 Wildcards, 1 for each half of the season. Once activated the Wildcard will give you the right to make unlimited transfers until the end of the game week. After activation the Wildcard can no longer be cancelled.

Purchase and sale of players

If during the season the value of a player increases at the time of any transfer to the budget would be credited 50% of his additional rating compared to the original purchase price. Similarly, in the event of a decrease in the market value in the event of a sale, 50% of the difference between the purchase price and the value of the moment would be deducted.

Overall ranking In the seasonal ranking will not count the 4 weeks of play with the worst score. Discards will be counted from mid-season. Weeks with malus points for excess transfers will not be taken into account in the waste count. In the event of a tie between 2 or more teams, the following criteria will be considered:

  • More goals scored
  • Fewer goals scored by goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders
  • Lower budget
  • Fewer transfers made (Wildcard will not count)
  • Fewer automatic substitutions
  • Fewer disciplinary malus scores
  • The game week in which the team was created
  • The team created before

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By Giovanni Maggio

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