How to Play Fantacalcio on REALFEVR – A Beginner’s Guide

Fantacalcio on is back for another season so Italian Fantasy Football is here to give support. We hope this comprehensive guide explains to you all you need to know about Fantacalcio on Realfevr.

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REALFEVR doesn’t follow the game rules of the original Italian Fantacalcio but refers to its own rules.

REALFEVR provides you the Serie A Fantasy League which includes the full list of all the current Serie A football players and follows the Lega Seria A Football League as per the other previously mentioned fantasy football games.

REAL FEVR GAME RULES (from its official website)


To enter the Italy Fantasy available at RealFevr you’ll have to pick a team of 15 players, made of:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards

For all of this, you’ll have a maximum budget of £100M.


The maximum number of players you can have from each club is 3 (three).

If, due to “real life” transfers, you suddenly have more than 3 (three) from the same club, you’ll have to correct it the next time you want to submit transfers.


From the 15 players in your team, you’ll pick your 11 starters each week. Those 11 players will be the ones scoring points for your team.

You can set your starting eleven in one of the following formations:

  • 3-4-3
  • 3-5-2
  • 4-3-3
  • 4-4-2
  • 4-5-1
  • 5-3-2
  • 5-4-1

To change the formation, you just need to sub out one player for one from a different position, and we’ll do the magic trick to change it.

And don’t forget to set an order for your bench players. You’ll understand why in a bit.


You’ll have to pick a Captain and a Vice-Captain every week. This is important because on Captain’s score will be doubled.

And what is the vice-captain for? More on that just below.


Automatic substitutions will protect you whenever one or more of the players you picked for your starting eleven doesn’t play. It’s very useful for last-minute injuries, untimely suspensions, postponed matches, etc.

To be able to have “AUTOMATIC SUBSTITUTIONS”, you can only make changes to your starting eleven until one hour before the start of the first game of the game-week, when the transfer market closes for that gameweek. Make sure everything’s in order because after that it’s out of your hands.

In situations where one of the players you named as a starter doesn’t play a single minute, he’ll be replaced by one of your bench players.

With this in mind, the order of players on your bench will also have to be managed. The order you select will be the one used when one of your starters fails to get on the pitch.

If your Captain doesn’t play, that armband goes on to the Vice-Captain and his score will be doubled.

If your Vice-Captain also doesn’t play, then none of your players will have their score doubled.

Keep in mind that automatic substitutions can’t create an invalid formation.

Imagine that the first player on your bench is a midfielder. If you’re playing in 3-4-3 and one of your defenders doesn’t play, it won’t be the midfielder, your #1 sub, to come into the pitch. The first defender on your bench will come in, respecting a valid 3-4-3 formation (and not a 2-5-3 formation).

On the other hand, if you were playing in a 4-4-2 formation, then the midfielder would substitute in, creating a 3-5-2. Bottom line, you need to have a valid formation at all times and automatic substitutions always take that into consideration.

If your Captain is replaced in this process, the armband will go on to the Vice-Captain.

Goalkeepers can only switch between themselves.


After the closing of the transfer market for a game week, you can substitute players that are yet to play and also players that have already played but their performance wasn’t to your liking or if you consider that the player you picked for Captain was not up to the armband, you can still replace him during the gameweek. You should then choose another player that is yet to play and see how he deals with the added pressure..

Naturally, as you make your first one of these kinds of changes during a game week, automatic substitutions are no longer in play for the remainder of the round as well as the Vice-Captain if your Captain fails to play. It’s life. You can’t have everything. And yes, it could always backfire.

The only exception to manual substitutions are players that were sent off, as these cannot be removed from your starting 11. If you’ve picked them as captain, you won’t be able to change that as well.

Goalkeepers can only switch between themselves.


Players score points for their performance on the field, based on the game sheets provided by our Official Statistics Provider of Italy Fantasy.

Points are allocated for the following events:

PLAY 60-90 MINUTES2222
OWN GOAL-2-2-2-2
RED CARD-3-3-3-3


Players are only credited with the goals conceded during the time they were on the field.

If a player is sent off, all goals conceded by his team until the end of the game will count towards his “Goals Conceded” total.


Basically, own-goals are the ones in which a player from the team that conceded is the one to direct into the goal a ball that was not going there (ex: shots off target or bounces off the post and against the goalkeeper’s back).


A Clean Sheet is awarded to a player, Goalkeeper, Defender, or Midfielder when he plays 60 or more minutes and his team doesn’t concede any goal during that period.

If a player is sent off, all goals conceded by his team until the end of the game will count towards his “Goals Conceded” total.


It is possible that stats corrections are applied to previously released scores since their quality standards imply a full review of all events that went on on the field of play as well as the referee’s official report.

In case of any correction, it will always happen in the 24 hours after the end of the respective game week and will result in automatic updates of weekly and season scores.


After having created your team, you can buy or sell players through transfers.

Until the deadline for Gameweek 1, you’ll be able to make unlimited transfers without any hit points. If you join in the middle of the competition, you will also have unlimited transfers in the period between creating your team and the deadline for the first game week where your team will be scored.

After Gameweek 1, you’ll be given 2 (two) free transfers per round:

In gameweeks where you don’t use all your free transfers, 1 free transfer will carry over to the following week. It won’t be possible to carry more than 1 each week, so if you have 2 free transfers in Gameweek 5 and don’t use any, you’ll only have 3 free transfers available in the next gameweek – the 2 given by rule and the 1 you can carry over – and not 4 free transfers.

Each additional transfer, after the ones available for that gameweek, will have a points hit of minus four points (-4), which will be subtracted from the respective gameweek’s score.

After confirmation, transfers cannot be reverted.


Each Manager will have access to 2 (two) Wildcards during the competition, one for each half of the season.

After activation, the Wildcard allows you to make unlimited free transfers until the gameweek’s deadline, i.e., you can activate it one day and do unlimited transfers every day until the next deadline, without any hit points.

Once activated (when confirming your transfers), the Wildcard cannot be canceled or reverted.

One of the Wildcards will have to be used up to Gameweek 19, with the other having free use from that point until the end of the season.


Player prices change during the season, according to the supply and demand of the transfer market.

The price of players only changes after Gameweek 1 and players can only gain or lose €0.1M per day, for a maximum of €0.3M each gameweek.

To check the current price of a player, just open its Player Card.


If a player has increased his value while in your team, you’ll be able to keep 50% of that valuation when you transfer him out and improve your team budget.

For example, if a player cost you €5.0M and is currently valued at €5.2M, then is sell value shown on the Transfers page will be €5.1M, already taking into consideration the €0.1M gain you’ll have for your budget. If the player’s value was €5.3M, then you’d have a gain of €0.2M because we round up to the first decimal place.

In instances where your player’s value has dropped, your budget will suffer also and you’ll lose 50% of the difference between acquisition and current price.

All visible prices on the Transfers page are selling prices, i.e., they already account for the money you’ll receive if you sell the player.


Italy Fantasy

Your 4 worst gameweeks will not be accounted for by the Overall Ranking.

As a “freebie” for that weekend where you’ve got a wedding you can’t miss, the gameweek where everything went wrong or some other kind of emergency, for the total score of the Italy Fantasy we’ll only account for your best 34 gameweeks of 38 in play.

Bottom line, you got 4 “freebies” for the season.

The overall ranking will be ordered according to the accumulated score of each team, gameweek after gameweek. Teams are only scored from the moment they are created, hence the importance of starting to earn points since the first gameweek.

We’ll use the mid-season breaking point, between gamweeks 19 and 20 to remove the 4 worst scores so far from every team, showing then the Overall Ranking with every team’s use of the “Freebies”.

Gameweeks, where a team had hit-points due to transfers, will not enter consideration for which gameweek scores to be withdrawn.

At each gameweek, the necessary re-evaluation of the “freebies” to apply will take place.

In case of any ties, during the competition and at the end, the following criteria will be applied:

  1. More goals scored
  2. Least goals conceded by Goalkeepers, Defenders and Midfielders
  3. Lowest budget
  4. Least transfers made (transfers made while using the Wildcard will not be accounted for)
  5. Least automatic substitutions made
  6. Least discipline points
  7. Gameweek squad was created
  8. Oldest team in the competition

Besides the overall leaderboard of Italy Fantasy, the following timeframes will have ranking tables as well:

  1. 1st Half, accounting for all gameweeks between 1 and 19
  2. 2nd Half, accounting for all gameweeks between 20 and 38
  3. Monthly leaderboards, accounting for all gameweeks starting in the same month
  4. Weekly leaderboards, for the first placed managers of every gameweek


This is the area where you can check all the information related to your Leagues.

Here you can examine your ranking (overall, monthly or weekly), take a peek at your closest opponents’ squads or even those on top of the boards. It doesn’t count as espionage, so feel free to do it.


Public Leagues are leaderboards for which RealFevr will sign you up automatically when you create your team:

  • A global league, with all contestants in Italy Fantasy, which determines the final winner
  • A league with all the supporters from your favourite club.


This is the place where you can compete against your most ferocious opponents: your friends.

You just need to create a league and invite them all. They’ll then receive the necessary token and will be able to join you.

It’s never too late to join a Private League, even if you already have a team and have started weeks ago or are just joining in the middle of the season.

You can only enter a maximum of 15 Private Leagues but there is no limit to the number of contestants a Private League can have. The more, the merrier.


You can sign up 1 team in Italy Fantasy. Registering extra teams is only available for Premium users.


Prizes? What prizes? You mean, besides bragging rights? Or on top of the possibility of rubbing the leaderboard on your opponents’ faces? Maybe. Who knows… When RealFevr closes the partnerships that support them, we’ll announce listings and prizes leaderboards on the app and website. And they’re going to be pretty cool. As always.


Fair-Play, or healthy competition between all participants, is one of the fundamentals of RealFevr. This way, any attempt to break this will be analyzed and sentenced by RealFevr, with the possibility of penalties for the users involved.


RealFevr has a goal to constantly improve its platform standards. For that reason, and/or due to technical issues, RealFevr reserves the right to introduce changes to the platform’s features and/or the competition, which, if any are made, will be communicated in advance to all users as well as featured throughout the RealFevr platform.

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