InForma: the players to be deployed on matchday 37

The goalkeepers to be deployed

Handanovic: the Nerazzurri captain will be galvanized by the victory of the Italian Cup, it is difficult for him to concede a goal against Cagliari.

Silvestri: against Spezia he can bring home a clean sheet, given that Udinese are not conceding too many goals in the last few games.

Rui Patricio: for Roma it is the last match at the Olimpico, against Venice there should be no big problems. Deploy it.

Ospina: he took back the shirt as a starter and at home against the worst attack of the league (Genoa) he cannot be left out.

Sepe: Salernitana is taking few goals and now she has to make the final sprint if she wants to reach salvation. In Empoli, the Campania region can’t be wrong.

The defenders to be deployed

Dumfries: he started off the bench in the final of the Italian Cup, now he is back as a starter. He should win the duel on the wing with Altare and Lykogiannis. Put it on.

Koulibaly: he played very well in the last two games, against Genoa he could also affect the realization phase.

Karsdorp: will play full-fledged against a team (Venezia) that usually leaves a lot of space. His insertions could be decisive in the offensive area.

Molina: play against a Spezia that suffers a lot, it should outclass Reca with its speed. Deploy him because he can bring home a good performance.

Bonucci: to face Immobile, the top scorer in the championship, a perfect match is needed and the Juventus defender, after the disappointment in the Italian Cup, will do all he can to contain his team-mate in blue.

The midfielders to be deployed

Perisic: he is undoubtedly the fittest midfielder in the league in this last period, and he also proved it in the final of the Italian Cup. Against Cagliari he is to be deployed.

Pellegrini: does not score from the derby, against Venice at home he could go back to scoring.

Pereyra: it is he who ignites Udinese’s offensive maneuver. At home against Spezia is to be put, he can go to the bonus.

Bonaventura: he’s back and can’t be left out. Against Roma he was decisive, it can also be repeated in Genoa against Sampdoria.

Ederson: it is one of the symbols of the rebirth of Salerno. With his insertions he can strike, trust him.

The attackers to deploy

Insigne: against Genoa this is his last match at Maradona. He will certainly want to greet the Neapolitan fans with a good performance and maybe even with a goal. Deploy it.

Abraham: does not score in the league since the derby, too long a fast for a striker like him. Against Venezia he can go back to scoring, believe in him.

Correa: he did not affect the last few matches, in a delicate match like the one against Cagliari he has one of the last chances to make his mark. 

Djuric: Empoli is conceding a lot in the last few days, he is increasingly decisive. Salernitana needs points and relies on its center forward: it needs to be put on.

Arnautovic: he is experiencing a very good final of the season, in an open game as the one against Sassuolo should be he can line up because he could go to the bonus.

By Federico Poet

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